Can you freeze plastic Tupperware? | 3 Easy Steps

You can freeze your food in plastic Tupperware that has been marked as freezer safe. It can be a great way to store all sorts of food in your freezer.  Tupperware comes in different sizes and colors and can store many types of foods. When freezing liquids in Tupperware leave a 1 inch gap at the top to allow the liquid to expand.

How to know if Tupperware is freezer safe

The easiest way to tell if you Tupperware is freezer safe is to look for the code on the bottom of the container.  If it has a snowflake, this shows that the Tupperware container has been made freezer safe so you can freeze it.

Types of foods can you freeze in Tupperware

Freeze full meals in Tupperware like casseroles, lasagna, spaghetti or stews. Tupperware can store frozen cheese, cooked meats like chicken or fresh meats like mince or steak.

Check out my previous article How to freeze meat without freezer bags. Liquids can be frozen in Tupperware including stock, juice or smoothies.

How to freeze prepared meals in Tupperware

There are some hacks to safely storing meals in the freezer that you have cooked.

Step 1: Cool your meals as quickly as possible. You could place these in a bowl in the fridge before you place them in the freezer.

Step 2: Separate the food into the portion size you want to keep.  If this is for individual meals or lunches, small containers work best.  If you are freezing a family size meal, choose a large container, these could be 1-2 Liters in size.

Step 3: When filling your container, make sure that there is only a small amount of air space at the top of the container.  This will allow for your food to expand but minimize freezer burn.

Fill your containers close to the top to minimize air contact

4 Benefits of Freezing Food in Tupperware

Check out the top 4 benefits of freezing food in Tupperware.

1. Tupperware is Eco friendly

Tupperware containers can be used over and over again and can replace plastic bags or single use containers. Avoid using plastic wrap by storing food in Tupperware with a lid.

2. Tupperware stacks easily in your freezer

Tupperware containers are designed to fit neatly together. Finding room in your freezer can be a challenge but Tupperware is designed to stack neatly on top of each other.  If you buy the same type of container like Tupperware Freezer Mates, they will stack neatly.

3. Tupperware comes in a range of sizes to fit in your freezer

Tupperware come in different sizes, so you can choose the right size container for the food you are freezing.  This minimizes the amount of air in the container, avoiding freezer burn and keep your frozen food in good condition.

4. Tupperware is clear so you can see your food

If you choose a clear plastic Tupperware, you can see through the container.  This helps you to see what you have frozen easily from the side of the container. If you are very organized, you can also label your container with the food type and the date you froze the food.

How to thaw food in Tupperware

The best thing about using Tupperware is that you can thaw the food in the same container.  The best way to thaw your food is to take it out of the freezer 24 hours before you want to use it and place it in the fridge.  You can then microwave the food when you are ready for it. 

You can also place this straight into the microwave on the thaw setting, making sure there is a space for the steam to escape from the lid.  The easiest way is to open one of the corners.  You can then use the reheat setting to fully heat your food. Remember to stir your food at least once while reheating to make sure it is heated evenly.

A range of food can be stored and frozen in Tupperware

What to avoid when freezing in Tupperware

Leaving the Tupperware lid on loose

Remember to make sure the lid is on tightly.  Making sure the lid is placed well will stop air from coming in and out.  This will also stop moisture from coming into your container and forming crystals on your food.

Forgetting to Label your Tupperware

The best way to keep track of what is in your Tupperware container is to label it with the food type and date. Use a sticker or a white board marker so you can clean the date off after you have finished.

Overfilling your Tupperware

Remember not to overfill your Tupperware and leave a 1 inch space at the top particularly if you are freezing liquids.  Leave a small space at the top of the container to allow for any expansion.  This is important for meals that contain a lot of liquid as this will expand as it freezes.

How to choose a container for the freezer

  • Look for containers that have the snowflake symbol if it is Tupperware, or say they are freezer safe.
  • Make sure they have a good lid, that it seals tightly and is airtight.
  • Choose something that resists staining, and that will not absorb color or smell.  Glass containers are great for this.
  • Choose a clear container so you can see your food,
  • Make sure it is leak proof, seals tightly, you can see through it, airtight, resists oil or color

Glass Tupperware for the freezer

Tupperware makes containers that are made from a very hard substance like glass but they are not technically glass. The Vent’N Serve range are made from a material polymer (polymer 6) which is hard like glass but will not shatter.  This one is fridge, freezer, and microwave safe.

The other product range is the Clearly Elegant product line.  This one looks a lot like glass but is actually a Tritan plastic.  This won’t break or shatter like glass and you can see through it easily.

Brands that make glass containers for the freezer

I have Pyrex glass containers and they are also available from Décor.  There are a huge variety available on Amazon as well so have a look through and see which ones suits you best.  

Freezing food in Tupperware – Summary

You can definitely freeze your food in Tupperware.  Choose a range with the snowflake that shows that it is freezer safe to be sure.  They are a great way to fill your freezer neatly and easily with leftovers, saving you time and money in the future.  They can be used over and over again, so they can have a long lifespan that will save you money in the long run and save the environment.