Can you use an oven after cleaning it? | Homemade, Commercial + Natural

You can use your oven straight after cleaning with eco friendly cleaning products. When using commercial oven cleaners, remove the cleaning residue by heating up the oven for 30 minutes to burn off any residue and release any smoke and gases. Open up the house and allow the kitchen to air out when doing this.

Whether you are using homemade, commercial or plant based cleaners there is a different answer to how long you should wait after cleaning before you cook. Here is the guide to how long you should wait when you have cleaned your oven using a range of methods.

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Using an oven after cleaning it with homemade cleaning products

Homemade cleaning products that are made from ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda or dish soap can be cleaned off completely by hand and the oven can be used straight after. These are mild cleaners and as long as the residue is removed and wiped clean with water, the oven will be good to cook in.

Easy DIY homemade cleaning solutions for ovens

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Homemade oven cleaners are a great way to clean your oven without using harsh oven cleaners. Wearing some protective gloves, mix together a paste of baking soda and vinegar and apply it to the grimy parts of the oven.

Allow it to sit on the oven door for 10 minutes and then using a scouring brush and warm water, rub the door to remove the scum.

The same mix can be used to clean the trays. Rinse them well and place them in the sink to rinse them.

Using some clean water and cloths remove all of the baking soda paste and wipe the oven clean. The door of the oven can be left open to dry completely.

You can then pre-heat the oven and it will be ready to cook in. Check out this video for an easy guide to cleaning your oven with baking soda and vinegar.

How long before using an oven after cleaning with a commercial product.

At least 30 minutes after heating the oven on high to remove residue and smoke.

After using commercial cleaning products it is important to heat the oven up to high and leave it on for 30 minutes to burn off any residue. Cleaning product residue needs to be burnt off before using the oven and the extra smoke and smells need to be cleared out.

Wipe the oven out with a rag wet with clean water to remove any chemical residue, food and ash pieces.

Commercial cleaning products will clean a very dirty oven very quickly. These products contain chemicals such as Sodium Hydroxide which will break down the residue and fats to clean the oven.

This process should always be done in an open area and follow the instructions.

Leave a hot oven open slightly to air out and cool down after cleaning.

Using an oven after using a natural plant based cleaning product

Plant based oven cleaners are another choice for cleaning your oven at home. These are available on Amazon and in supermarket as another option to remove dirt from your oven without using harsh chemicals.

Natural cleaners can be wiped clean from your oven completely and the oven left to dry. Follow the pack instructions to see if the oven needs to be heated to burn up any extra food and grime inside.

Once the cleaner has been used, the oven wiped clean and any residue taken are of you will have a clean fresh oven to use.

Check out this plant based cleaner from Amazon.

How long before cooking in an oven after self-cleaning

Once a self-cleaning oven has completely its cycle it can be allowed to cool. Wipe up the ash at the bottom of the oven after it has cleaned and it is ready to be cooked in.

Self-cleaning ovens are a fantastic invention and running it through the self-cleaning cycle can take care of small bits of food without you having to physically get in there and scrub.

A self-cleaning function will lock the oven door, heat it up to a high heat and effectively disintegrate any stuck on food. Food will turn to ash and can be wiped up from the bottom of the oven.

Our new Smeg oven in one of our old houses had this function and it was so easy to use. A press of the button and the oven would go into cleaning mode. My new oven unfortunately is not that fancy but a quick scrub with some baking soda is also very effective.

Self-cleaning cycles can take from 30 minutes to a few hours. Our ovens would complete this process in an hour plus the time for it to cool and for us to clean up the bottom of the oven.

How often to clean your oven

Cleaning your oven regularly will make it easier to do each time. Rather than letting food build up, run it through a self-cleaning function regularly or use a natural cleaner to remove any spills.

Cleaning your oven every month will make it a quick job with a wipe down. Warm soapy water and a sponge will go a long way to cleaning your oven thoroughly and easily without using chemicals.

Can you use an oven after cleaning It? | Summary

Choosing natural cleaning products is the best way to get your oven ready for use quickly. Picking a product without harsh chemicals gives you the freedom to clean it yourself, wipe it clean and let it dry without needing to heat it up to an extraordinary temperature.

Try a natural cleaning product or make up a vinegar and baking soda mix to remove stubborn stains without needing to buy oven cleaner.