Do Knife Sharpeners Wear Out? | When to Replace Them

Knife sharpeners almost never wear out as they are made from strong durable materials such as diamond, ceramic or Tungsten. Sharpening rods and stones can last a lifetime and pull through knife sharpeners can last for more than 10 years. Replace knife sharpeners when the plastic wears out or is damaged.

Do pull through knife sharpeners wear out?

Pull through knife sharpeners will take many years before they wear out and can potentially last a lifetime if cared for correctly.

We have had our knife sharpener for over 10 years. We bought it when we were given our Global knife set. Both the knives and the sharpener is going well, and we sharpen our knives every couple of months.

This is my Global knife sharpener that has lasted more than 10 years.

Do knife sharpening rods wear out?

These metal rods do not wear out as their job is to straighten the edge of the knife. Rather than sharpening the knife, it corrects small bends in the knife’s edge. This will keep your knife sharp for a while and takes some skill to safely use.

Here is one from Amazon below.

My favorite method as I really have no chef skills is to use a pre-made sharpener. This is the one I use from Amazon here which is made for Global knives.

Do knife sharpening stones wear out?

Sharpening stones will not wear out unless you use them to professionally sharpen knives daily, even then they will probably survive. To finish the process of sharpening a stone is used to correct and sharpen the edge after using a sharpening rod. These gently grind the edge of the knife to bring it back to a sharp point.

Check out this one from Amazon below.

How long does a pull through knife sharpener last?

Pull through knife sharpeners will last for many years if you clean and look after them properly. I have had my pull through knife sharpener for over 10 years and it sharpens as well as it ever has. The main hack we use to keep it sharpening well is to make sure you remove any metal pieces after sharpening.

When the knife sharpener is used, small pieces of metal are ground off and end up in the pull through knife sharpener. Simply rinsing and using a small scrubbing brush gently in the sharpener to remove any pieces.

Then pull the pieces apart and place them on your drying rack to make sure it dries completely before packing away.

Here is the original packaging of my knife sharpener, which actually costs less to buy now.

Are pull through knife sharpeners bad?

For good quality kitchen knives used at home pull through knife sharpeners are the perfect solution to keep your knives sharp. Rod and stone knife sharpeners take some skill and technique to use so for those at home it is easy to grab a pull through sharpener.

You may need to sharpen your knives once or twice a month so the easy option is to use a pull through knife sharpener. They are easy to use and easy to clean.

My favorite knife sharpener that has lasted for years.

Tungsten carbide vs diamond knife sharpeners

Tungsten carbine knife sharpeners

Tungsten carbide sharpeners are a quick and easy way to sharpen and polish your knives. These are easy to use, they are safer way to sharpen a knife that is as easy as pulling the knife through the slots. These are hardy and will last at least as long as your lives. They don’t wear out so for a simple, long lasting knife sharpening option try these.

Here is one from Amazon.

Diamond knife sharpeners

Diamond knife sharpeners are a harsher sharpening tool that will quickly move metal on the edge of your knife. Diamond is a strong material which can correct a knife edge angle and remove steel fast to sharpen the knife quickly.

Diamond knife sharpeners can still be made into a pull through system which is easy and safe to you. This one below from Amazon even comes with a protective glove.

Do knife sharpeners work?

Knife sharpeners definitely work to correct the edge angle on your knives, correct edge damage and bring them back to good working order.

Pull through knife sharpeners work to correct small imperfections, sharpen your knives quickly and are great for using at home.  

For larger chips a sharpening rod and stone will be necessary. Good quality knives are designed to be sharpened regularly. A knife sharpener will be an essential tool after you invest in a good quality knife set.

For more on knife choices, check out my previous article here on Global knives.

Here is a video that gives you an easy way to use a handheld knife sharpener at home.

How often to sharpen your knives at home

Knives at home will need to be sharpened regularly to keep them in good condition. We try to sharpen our knives twice per month, particularly for the knives we use everyday. Many recommendations are to sharpen good quality knives every 2-3 uses.

I find it hard to remember to do this as regularly as every 2-3 uses but aiming for once per month is a good start. This keeps your knives sharp, makes it easier to cut food and will keep your knives in the best condition possible.

The steps to sharpening knives at home is so easy it fits on the back of the box.

How long should a knife sharpener last?

A knife sharpener should last at least as long as the knives you buy. Knife sharpeners are made from tough material but a general rule is that better quality knife sharpeners will generally cost more. My Global knife sharpener is still going well after 10 years.

This is the one that I use, available from Amazon.

Do knife sharpeners get dull?

Knife sharpeners will take a long time to get dull and generally designed to last a lifetime. They are made from stone, ceramic or diamond which are strong materials which are designed to last. Depending on how often you use your knife sharpener, you can expect it to last at least as long as your knives. Perhaps even longer.  

When should I replace my knife sharpener?

Knife sharpeners should be replaced if there is any damage to the plastic or rubber handles. These are the protective areas that are important to safely sharpen your knife. If there is any damage, replace your knife sharpener. While the sharpening stone or rod will last for a very long time, damage can occur to areas that are less sturdy.

Do knife sharpeners wear out? | Summary

Knife sharpeners can last as long as your knives and so far mine has lasted longer than 10 years. Sharpening rods and stones can last even longer, and if kept well, they can be passed on to your kids. Knife sharpeners are essential at home if you invest in good quality knives. Try a pull through knife sharpener for an easy option.