Do Pizza Rolls Expire? | How Long Can You Keep Pizza Rolls?

Pizza rolls are something a lot of people have in their freezer. After all, they are inexpensive, fast, and simple to cook, and can be eaten both as a snack and a meal.

Pizza rolls do expire but they will have a long expiration date. They can last up to 18 months in the freezer depending on when they were produced. Always check the expiration date before eating and avoid eating after they expire.

This article will explore more about how long you can keep pizza rolls, how long they last in the fridge and how long you can keep them after cooking.

How Long Pizza Rolls Last in the Freezer

Pizza rolls that are kept frozen and you don’t have any failures in your electricity, they should last roughly 18 months in the freezer.

Avoid eating pizza rolls after the expiration date has passed. The truth is, the longer the pizza rolls are in the freezer, the better the chance that both the taste and texture will change, and the odds of freezer burn will increase as well.

They can collect ice, the surface can dry out and the ingredients will lose flavor.

How Long Pizza Rolls Last in the Fridge

Both frozen and homemade pizza rolls can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three to four days. After three to four days, you should go ahead and throw the pizza rolls in the trash can because they’ll be no good.

Both frozen and homemade pizza rolls can remain at room temperature for up to two hours. Put them in the fridge within 2 hours after baking to reduce any bacterial growth while they are out.

Where to Find the Expiration Date on Pizza Rolls

The expiration date on pizza rolls is usually on one of the sides of the box. It is not normally on the front or back of the box. Look for a white panel with the month day and year printed.

If the pizza rolls come in a bag, the expiration date is normally on the back of the bag at the very bottom.

How Long to Keep Pizza Rolls After They Have Been Cooked

If you keep cooked pizza rolls in the fridge, they can stay there for up to four days before they should either be eaten or thrown in the trash

It is not a good idea to keep cooked pizza rolls in the freezer for any length of time because it can affect both their taste and texture. Instead, keep them in the fridge and plan to eat them no later than four days later.

How to Read the Expiration Date on Pizza Rolls

There are different ways to read an expiration date on pizza rolls. Here are a few examples of what you might find:

  1. “Use by xx-xx-xxxx”: This is called an “open date” and tells you when to eat the pizza rolls or throw them away.
  2. “Best if Used By xx-xx-xxxx”: With this type of date, it is highly recommended that you use the product by that date; if you don’t, make sure you check for bad smells, mold, etc. before you eat it.
  3. “Sell by xx-xx-xxxx”: This date is meant for the retailer, who usually will throw out the food if it goes past that date. If not, you should consume the food within seven to ten days of that date.
  4. “Made on xx-xx-xxxx”: This is known as a closed date with months indicated by the first 12 letters of the alphabet. A code of D1522 means it was made on April 15, 2022. It should also come with an expiration date, so don’t get the two of them confused.

How to Know If Pizza Rolls Have Gone Bad

Pizza rolls have sauce and cheese as their main ingredients, so they can indeed go bad. Here are five signs that your pizza rolls should be thrown out instead of eaten:

  1. The ingredients are slimy and sort of “oily,” which is common with ingredients such as pepperoni and mushrooms.
  2. The taste is bad. If the pizza rolls look fine but tastes nasty when you take a bite of it, go ahead and throw it out because it’s no good for you.
  3. The pizza rolls are hard and dry. A hard, dry texture on a pizza roll won’t likely make you sick, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be good or safe to eat.
  4. There is some type of mold on the pizza rolls. Keep in mind that mold can be green, black, white, gray, or just about any other color. It often has a “fuzzy” texture as well.
  5. The pizza rolls smell bad. A bad odor is never a good sign, so don’t waste any time before throwing the pizza rolls in the trash can if there is any type of odor whatsoever.

How Can You Tell If a Pizza Roll Has Freezer Burn?

If a pizza roll has freezer burn, it could have dry spots, any type of discoloration, a bad odor or smell, or maybe even ice crystals forming on it.

The thing about freezer burn is that it isn’t necessarily unhealthy for you. In some instances, you can cut off the “burnt” areas and eat the rest of it, but this isn’t generally recommended because freezer burn can directly affect both the taste and the texture of the pizza rolls.

In general, it’s best to throw out most foods that have freezer burn on them, including food such as pizza rolls.


Pizza rolls are a great snack to keep in your freezer but they can expire. It is best to avoid eating them after the expiration date as they are more likely to have freezer burn and can lose flavor.