Forgot to Add Sugar to Your Cookie Dough? | 8 Ways to Add Sugar

If you forgot to add sugar to cookie dough you can still add it before and after you bake. One of the best ways is to add sugar to cookie dough that has already been mixed is to sprinkle the sugar over the top of the dough and then gently fold it in. You can use a spatula, wooden spoon or your hands. This allows the sugar to be evenly distributed throughout the dough without overworking it.

Another option is to roll the dough into balls and then roll them in sugar before placing them on the baking sheet. This can create a nice, crispy coating on your cookies. It is important to note that when adding sugar to cookie dough, it is best to use granulated sugar rather than powdered sugar as powdered sugar can alter the texture of the dough.

This article will explore the top 8 ways to add sugar to your cookie dough before and after baking.

How to add sugar to cookie dough before baking

It’s easy to panic when you discover that you forgot to add either white or brown sugar to your cookie recipe, but you don’t need to worry. If you mix up your cookie dough and then realize you forgot to add the sugar, here are a few things you can do:

1. Create a new batch

For this option, you’ll start over and make up a new batch of dough, only you’ll double the amount of sugar required in the recipe. When you’re done, you can combine that batch of dough with the original batch, then continue with the rest of the instructions. You’ll also want to make twice the number of cookies to keep them the right texture.

2. Add the Sugar to the Dough

If you have not baked your cookie dough you can still add sugar. Sprinkle the sugar on top of the dough and gently mix it through with a wooden spoon, spatula or your hands.

It shouldn’t affect either the taste or the texture of the cookies. You can let your dough rest in the fridge for 1-2 hours to help the sugar to incorporate into the mixture. Then roll our your cookies as normal and bake.

3. Do Something Else with the Dough

If you’re making sponge-like cookies like ladyfingers, it’s best not to try and add the sugar later. Go ahead and use the dough for something else, such as a pie crust or maybe even ice cream sandwiches.

Trying to add sugar to this type of dough very likely won’t work. Adding sugar will likely affect both the taste and the texture of sponge-like cookie dough—and not in a good way.

4. Use a Mixer to Blend in the Sugar

If your dough is soft enough, you can put it into a bowl, add the sugar, and use an electric mixer to combine the sugar with the dough. I like to use a K-stand mixer or hand mixer for great results.

How to add sugar to cookie dough after baking

If your dough has already come out of the oven and the cookies are baked, you can still save your cookies. Check out these easy ways to add sugar to cookie dough after baking.

5. Use the Cookies for Something Else

If your cookies are baked, you can crumble them up and sprinkle them on top of fruit, ice cream, or yogurt. This will add a delicious crunch without adding extra sugar.

6. Make a Cake Pop with the Ingredients

If you crumble up the cookies and add icing to them to make cake pops. If it is not sticking together, add a little butter to the rest of the mixture. This will help it to hold its form.

7. Make a Topping for the Cookies

Once the cookies are already baked, you can add a topping to increase the sweetness. You can create the perfect sugar glaze by mixing hot water and powdered sugar until it gets to the right consistency, then pour it over the cookies.

You can do this with regular white or brown sugar as well or even warmed jam. Pour this over and your cookies will taste great.

8. Make a Sandwich with the Cookies

You can make sandwiches with your cookies by layering them with sweet ingredients, such as jam or jelly, homemade or store-bought icing or even honey.

You can also place whipped buttercream or even ice-cream for a delicious cold sandwich.


Cookies can be saved if you have forgotten to add the sugar. Just sprinkle it over the dough and gently fold it in with a spatula. You can even roll the dough into balls and coat them with sugar. Granulated sugar is best to avoid making the dough’s texture too soft.

Happy cooking.