How to Clean a Peeler | 5 Steps to Get Rid of Stains

To clean a peeler rinse it straight after use in cold clean water. Wash your peeler in warm soapy water using a scrubbing brush or toothbrush to clean the food residue off the blade. Wash the handle as well to prevent staining. Make sure that the peeler is dried completely before putting it away to prevent rust.

This article will explore how to clean a peeler including how to get rid of stubborn stains.

How to clean a peeler step-by-step

Cleaning a peeler is easy and worth the few minutes it takes to keep it clean and rust free.

1. Remove any excess vegetables

Use a scrubbing brush or toothbrush to remove any excess vegetables stuck in the peeler. Make sure you keep your fingers away from the blade as it is sharp. The blade can also be run under cold water to remove any peeling stuck in the blade.

2. Fill your sink with warm soapy water

Using warm water with dish soap dip the peeler into the water to give it a good clean. Use a scrubbing brush to remove food residue and to clean the blade. Keep your fingers back from the blade and clean the peeler to get all of the food off.

3. Clean both sides and the handle of the peeler

Using the scrubbing brush make sure you clean both sides of the peeling blade. Use a sponge or your scrubbing brush to clean the handle and remove any food that may have gotten on the plastic.  

How to clean a stained peeler

White or light colored peelers can often become stained with the color of the vegetables you are peeling. Carrots can quickly stain the plastic of your peeler and over time the plastic can yellow. There are a few easy steps to cleaning a stained peeler.

1. Cover with baking soda

Covering the plastic area of the peeler with baking soda. Simply sprinkle it on the stained plastic and leave it on there for a few minutes.

2. Dip into vinegar

Dip the peeler into a small container of white vinegar. Make sure the plastic area is completely covered. The baking soda will start to bubble and both will work together to start to clean the stains off the plastic.

3. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes

Allow the peeler to sit in the vinegar for 3-5 minutes. This will give the vinegar and baking soda time to work and take out the stain.

4. Wash in warm soapy water

To remove the peeler from the vinegar and wash it off in warm soapy water. This will remove any excess baking soda left on the peeler and the vinegar from the surface. Use a scrubbing brush to clean it thoroughly.

5. Rinse with fresh water and let it dry

Rinse the peeler with fresh, cold water and allow it to dry on your kitchen drying rack. Use a tea towel to remove excess water to speed up the drying process.

Checkout this video to see how effective this process is at cleaning a stained peeler.

How to take care of a vegetable peeler

Here are the easy steps to take care of your vegetable peeler to keep it in peak condition.

Wash it straight after use

Take care of your vegetable peeler by washing it every time you use it. This will prevent rust by removing any acidic food substances that might be on the blade. Acidity from the food you peel can sit on the surface of the peeler blade and cause rust.

Use warm soapy water to clean your peeler and a scrubbing brush to get into tight spaces.

Avoid the dishwasher

Keep your peeler out of the dishwasher to prevent any rust spots. The heat and steam can damage the cutting blade quickly so avoid the dishwasher for the best result.

I will admit that I do put my peeler in the dishwasher and it still peels fine. It has lasted for over 8 years and still peels well. I only use it a couple of times per week but it is still going strong.

Cleaning a peeler with a toothbrush

Cleaning your vegetable peeler after use with a clean toothbrush is a great way to completely remove any vegetable residue left. Use a new toothbrush and keep this specifically for cleaning your peeler or can opener.

A toothbrush can get into all the small, tight spaces inside the peeler to clean it well. This will help to prevent staining and rust caused by food residue being left on the peeling blade.

How to remove rust off a peeler

To remove any rust spots off a peeler it is as simple as using household white vinegar. Simply submerge the peeler in a jar or glass of vinegar and leave it in the glass for up to 5 minutes.

Any surface rust can then be gently rubbed off using a scouring sponge. Wash the peeler in warm soapy water to remove the vinegar and it will be good as new.

Remember to allow the peeler to fully dry before placing back into the drawer. This will prevent rust in the future.

How to clean a peeler | Summary

Clean your peeler regularly to keep it in good condition. A few minutes of cleaning after use is worth it to keep it sharp for your next peeling job. If you really don’t feel like hand washing, the dishwasher will clean it off. Just try and not to use this method every time.