How to Fix Too Much Banana in Banana Bread | 5 Easy Ways

Adding too much mashed banana to banana bread can make it soggy and moist. To fix this before baking the batter you can add extra flour to the mix. Once the batter is in the oven you can cook the bread for an extra 10 minutes to cook it through. If you have already taken the banana bread out of the oven cut it into slices and toast it in a flat toaster to make it less soggy.

This article will explore how to fix your banana bread if you have added too much banana. There are some simple steps which can save your bread.

5 Ways to fix too much banana in banana bread

Check out these easy ways to fix too many bananas in banana bread.

1. Add more flour

If you have added too much mashed banana to your bread batter but have not started baking then you can save it. Adding extra flour is a great way to balance the extra moisture that is added with the extra mashed banana.

Add 3-4 tablespoons of extra self-raising flour to your mix. This will still allow the bread to rise but will stop it from becoming too moist and stodgy.

Add extra self raising flour to the mix to give the bread extra lift.

Add the flour 1 tablespoon at a time until you get the batter to the right consistency. It should be quite thick but still drop off the tablespoon.

For more on how thick banana bread batter should be, check out my article here: 8 Reasons Why Your Brownie Batter is Too Thick (And How to Fix it!)

2. Cook the banana bread for an extra 10 minutes

Cook the banana bread for an extra 10 minutes if you have accidentally added too much banana. Adding extra banana will increase the volume of the mix which means it will need to bake for longer.

It will also help to reduce the moisture content of the bread as some of the extra moisture will escape as steam.

If you have added extra flour to the mix this will also increase the batter volume and it will need longer to cook. Cook for an extra 10 minutes to start with and then test it with a skewer. Poke the skewer in the center of the bread and it should come out clean when it has cooked through.

3. Check the oven temperature

It is essential to make sure the oven is at the right temperature when you are cooking batter with too much banana. Preheat the oven before placing the batter in to make sure it is not blasted with hot air above the temperature required.

When an oven is preheating it will often increase the temperature above the level you set to allow it to heat up quickly. This can cause the banana bread to bake quickly on the outside while still staying moist in the middle.

Aim to put your banana bread mix in a preheated oven at 355 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius).

4. Toast the banana bread in a flat toaster

If you have already cooked banana bread with too much mashed banana then you can toast the banana bread in a flat toaster to help to reduce the moisture content.

Toasting the bread in a flat toaster will help to crisp up both edges. This tastes delicious with melted butter or even with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.

5. Turn the banana bread into pudding

Another great way to save banana bread with too much banana is to turn it into banana bread pudding.

Make a delicious banana bread version of bread and butter pudding and you won’t notice the extra banana. Baking the banana with a custard base will taste delicious even if you have added too many bananas to the mix.

Check out this easy bread and butter pudding recipe. Just replace the white bread with banana bread for delicious banana bread and butter pudding.

What happens if you add to much banana to banana bread

Here are the top things that will happen to your banana bread if you add too much banana. Most recipes aim for 1-2 large bananas in the mix but you add more it can change the mix.

1. The bread will become soggy and moist

Adding extra banana to the banana bread mix will add extra water which can cause the bread to become soggy and extra moist. Bananas are 75% water and this extra moisture will soften the bread.

2. The banana bread won’t last as long

Adding extra bananas to the banana bread will add extra moisture which will mean that the banana bread will not last as long. Keeping it in the fridge or freezer is a great way to keep it good for longer.

Banana bread will last well for 5 days in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer.

3. The banana bread mix can stick to the parchment paper

Adding extra bananas to the banana bread batter can cause it to stick to the parchment paper. To reduce this it is essential to grease the parchment paper.

An easy way is to flatten the parchment paper onto a bench and rub it with some softened butter. You can then put the paper back into the baking pan.

Spraying the sides and base with oil is another easy way to stop the banana bread from sticking to the parchment paper when you bake it.

How to Fix Too Much Banana in Banana Bread | Summary

Adding to much mashed banana to your banana bread can cause it to become soggy and it won’t last as long outside of the fridge. Add extra flour to your mix and bake it for a little longer to help to balance out the moisture content. After baking you can toast the bread or turn it into delicious bread and butter pudding if it is still too moist.

Happy cooking.