How to freeze homemade burgers with egg | 6 Easy steps

Homemade burgers made with egg can be frozen before or after they have been cooked. Freezing temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 18 degrees celcius) will stop bacteria from growing. You can then defrost the burgers within 4 months of freezing them and cook them on a stove or grill.

How to freeze burgers with egg – 6 Easy steps

Check out my easy steps to freeze burgers safely with egg

1. Make your burgers

The first step is to make your burgers with whatever ingredients you want. Most burgers are made with egg, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper.

Shape the burgers with your hands flat to make them easier to freeze. Flat burgers will freeze faster, stack easier and are simple to cook once they defrost.

2. Freeze the burgers as fast as possible

Avoid letting the burger meat and eggs warm up. Keeping the meat colder will help to reduce bacterial growth.

To do this keep the burger meat and eggs in the fridge until you are ready to prepare them. Keeping the meat out of the fridge for 15 minutes or less is best.

3. Place greaseproof paper between the burgers

Before freezing place greaseproof paper between the burgers to avoid them sticking together. This will keep the burgers apart and easy to separate when you defrost them.

You can also use plastic wrap or freeze them in a flat container in a single layer.

4. Seal the burgers in an airtight container

The next step is to freeze your burgers in an airtight container. Look out for one that has a good sealing lid. I like to use glass or plastic as the lids will seal tightly.

Choose a container that leaves minimal airspace once it has been filled. This will help to reduce the amount of air and condensation in the container helping to prevent freezer burn.

5. Label the container

Label with the date that you froze the burgers. They will keep in the freezer at their best for 4 months or less. They can last in the freezer for longer but may start to lose some of their flavor.

6. Place the burgers in the freezer

After you have labelled the container find a space in your freezer to fit them in. A square container will stack well and can be lined up with other boxes and containers in your freezer.

If you want to make and portion your burgers in teh same bag, check out this quick video for tips.

How to defrost burgers with egg

Once you have frozen your burgers there are a few easy steps to defrost them before you cook. The 2 easiest ways to defrost burgers are in the fridge or in the microwave.

1. Defrosting burgers in the fridge

If you are prepared you can take the container of frozen burgers out of the freezer and pop them in the fridge. Do this 24 hours before you intend to cook them so they fully defrost.

If you have burgers in 2-3 layers they will easily defrost in this time.

2. Defrosting frozen burgers in the microwave

Another easy way to defrost frozen burgers is in the microwave. Set the microwave onto the defrost setting and place your burgers in a single layer on a plate. Remove the parchment paper before microwaving.

Put the burgers in the microwave to defrost for 2-3 minutes on the defrost setting. After this, check the burgers and add back for an additional 30 seconds until they have defrosted.

Cooking burgers after they have been frozen

Once the burgers have been frozen and fully defrosted they are easy to cook. They can be cooked through on a grill or in a frypan indoors. Preheat the pan to a medium to high heat and then place a thin layer of oil on the grill or pan.

Cook the burger 70% on one side and flip. It is important to cook burgers all the way through until there is no pink inside. Once you see the juice run clear then they are ready. You can flip another time on each side to make sure it has fully cooked through.

For more on how to cook burgers check out my article here: How to stop burgers from burning | 7 Easy Ways.

How long homemade burgers can be frozen

Burger meat is best kept frozen for 4 months or less. Any longer than this can risk freezer burn, discoloration and the burger meat can lose flavor.

Can you freeze homemade burgers with egg? | Summary

Homemade burgers made with fresh egg can be frozen in an airtight container. Make sure you separate them with some greaseproof paper or saran wrap. Burgers will keep well in the freezer for up to 4 months.