4 Easy Ways to Freeze Meat Without Freezer Bags

To freeze meat without freezer bags choose a re-usable alternative like freezer-safe plastic containers, glass containers, Pyrex or mason jars.  Choose a container that is air tight to stop freezer burn and remember to label your meat with the date you freeze it. Meat can last from 1-12 months if frozen correctly.

There are a few tips that can help you to freeze meat without freezer bags. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that the wrapping is as tight around the meat as possible to prevent freezer burn. When the meat is exposed to air in the freezer it can affect the taste, texture and appearance of the meat.

1. Vacuum packs

If you buy your meat in a vacuumed packed container this can go straight in the freezer. This is the perfect wrapping because it already has the air removed so you won’t get freezer burn. 

This keeps your meat stored in a small space which gives you more room in your freezer.  Some butchers will vacuum pack meat if you ask them, or buy a vacuum sealer to do it at home.

I buy my steak vacuum packed from the supermarket

2. Glass containers

A great way to freeze your meat is to use a glass container with a plastic lid. I often use Pyrex containers and they work best when filled to the top without air spaces.  They can be used over and over again and are easy to clean.

They also don’t absorb smells or color so it will always look and smell fresh. These come in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect one for the size of meat you are planning to freeze.

A glass container is perfect for freezing meat or casseroles without freezer bags

3. Plastic containers

Choose a freezer safe plastic container with a tight sealing lid to freeze your meat. Make sure that there is a small space left at the top for expansion. Label your meat with the date that you froze it so you know when it is time to use it up.

4. Freezing meat in the package it came in

The cheapest and easiest way to freeze meat without freezer bags is to place it straight into the freezer in the container it was bought in. This works well if the original packaging is airtight and has minimal air space.

Remember that the packaging plastics are not microwave safe so if you are going to defrost in the microwave, you will need to place this in a microwave safe container or on a ceramic plate. If it is not airtight, then you may want to freeze your meat one of these other ways.

Here is a great video about freezing food without plastic

How long meat can be frozen

Meat TypeTime in freezer
Bacon and sausages1-2 months
Ham, Hotdogs and Lunchmeats1 to 2 months
Uncooked roasts, steaks or chops4 to 12months
Uncooked ground meat3 to 4 months
Cooked meat2 to 3 months
Poultry, uncooked whole12 months
Poultry, uncooked pieces9 months
Poultry, cooked4 months
Wild game, uncooked8 to 12 months
USDA Guidelines for freezing meat, sourced March 2nd 2020

How long meat can be frozen for depends on the type.  The longer you keep your meat in the freezer the more likely it may gather ice or get freezer burn but according to the USDA, the guidelines listed above shows for how long they recommend meat is frozen for (sourced from USDA website, 2nd March 2021).

This length of time is for the best quality meat, remember to have your freezer set at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degrees Celsius.

Types of meat you can freeze

There are lots of meats that will last well in the freezer these include hotdogs, lunch meat, bacon, sausages, hamburgers, ground beef/poultry/lamb, steak, chops, roasts, fresh chicken and my kids favorites chicken nuggets.

How to thaw meat safely

There are a few ways to safely thaw meat, check them out below.

1. Thaw in the fridge

The best way to thaw meat is to place it in the fridge before you need to use it.  Depending on the size of the meat the time needed can vary. I find that most meats including ground beef, chicken nuggets or chicken thighs for a family dinner take around 24 hours.

I usually aim to take my meat out of the freezer and place it into the fridge after I have finished cooking dinner for the night before.

2. Thaw in the microwave

Using the defrost setting on your microwave, you can quickly and safely defrost meats.  I always take the meat out of the original packaging and place it on a plate before putting it in the microwave.  I often place a piece of paper towel over the top before microwaving to stop any splashes.

3. Clean running water

Another option is to place the frozen meat under clean running water still in its packaging.  I never use this method because I am trying to save water but this will work.  I recommend the other 2 methods as great ways to thaw meat.

How to freeze fresh chicken nuggets

I often buy chicken nuggets that are made fresh and packed in a plastic container.  Just place these straight in the freezer when you get home from shopping.  Take them out and place them in the fridge 24 hours before you need them. 

I buy pre-packed fresh chicken nuggets and freeze them

Freezing meat without freezer bags – Summary

Freezing meat in tightly sealed containers like Pyrex is a great way to save on plastic. Freezing meat in the commercial packaging it came in is also a great way to save waste if the packet has already been bought. Look for ways to recycle the plastic container after use and check out your local grocery store for soft packaging recycling.

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