How to Get Sugar to Dissolve in Iced Coffee | 4 Easy Tips

One of the most common problems when making iced coffee at home is getting the sugar to dissolve properly. To help it to dissolve add sugar to the coffee shot while it is still hot, use fine sugar, stir the coffee well, or add a sugar syrup like caramel or honey.

This article will explore some easy ways to get sugar to dissolve in iced coffee at home to avoid that gritty taste.

How to Get Sugar to Dissolve in Iced Coffee

To help sugar to dissolve in iced coffee, check out these easy tips.

1. Add the Sugar While the Coffee is Warm

If you add your sugar while the coffee is still warm, before you add the ice, it will be distributed more evenly and therefore dissolve much better. Before you add ice or milk, stir the sugar into the hot coffee shot. When the coffee is hot it will dissolve fast.

2. Stir the Coffee Well

Even if your coffee is cool or cold, you can add your sugar then immediately start to stir the coffee until the sugar dissolves. Remember that this may take a while, so don’t be surprised if you’re stirring your cold coffee for ten minutes or more. When you stir, the sugar is broken up into tiny pieces and it will therefore dissolve better and faster.

3. Reheat the Coffee

If all else fails, you can reheat the coffee to help the sugar to dissolve. Make sure that you don’t heat it until it boils or it’s too hot. Just heat it until the coffee is nice and warm, then add your sugar to it. The sugar will instantly loosen up and dissolve more thoroughly, and you can add your ice cubes afterwards.

4. Use a Different Type of Sugar

You do not have to use only granulated or table sugar in your iced coffee. There are other types of sugar that have smaller granules and therefore dissolve faster. Other types of sugar that will work include:

Dissolved sugar

You can make this yourself by mixing one part water and one part table sugar, then cooking it over low to medium heat until it dissolves. Once it’s cooked, it can remain in the fridge for at least a month until you use it again.

Agave nectar or maple syrup

Both of these types of sweeteners do well in cold liquids such as iced coffee. Because they work so well, they are perfect additions to your iced coffee when you’re in a hurry. They are already in a liquid form so will dissolve faster than dry sugar.

Sweetened condensed milk

Just add one to two tablespoons of the milk to your iced coffee, but make sure that you stir well once it is added. If you don’t stir well, it tends to sink to the bottom of your cup because it is so thick. 


You can either put honey directly into your iced coffee and stir well, or cook equal parts of honey and water over low heat, then add it. The honey-water mixture tends to dissolve very quickly in both warm and cold liquids.

Ice cream

It sounds funny, but a scoop or two of ice cream added to your iced coffee works great as a sweetener. You can try plain vanilla ice cream or one of your favorites, such as butter pecan, chocolate chip, or caramel.

Plant-based milk

You can try the sweetened versions of soy, almond, or coconut milk and add that to your iced coffee. You still have to stir well after the milk is added, and it’s best to use the sweetened varieties and not the plain ones.

Caramel sauce

If you gently warm up your caramel sauce and place it in your iced coffee, then stir, it can add some great flavoring to the coffee instantly. You can also use melted chocolate sauce for a mocha-flavored coffee.

In most cases, you’ll have to thoroughly stir your cold coffee after adding any type of sugar. This will help it to dissolve fast and make your iced coffee taste great.

You could add chocolate milk or even ice cubes made out of sweet liquids such as chocolate syrup to make your iced coffee sweetener. If you make enough of the ice cubes, you’ll always have some on hand to sweeten your drink.


To sweeten iced coffee stir in sugar while the coffee is warm, use a fine sugar so it dissolves faster, and and stir it thoroughly. These simple tips can give you a delicious iced coffee that tastes great without graininess.