How to stop burgers from burning | 7 Easy Ways

Burgers can easily burn when cooking them on the stove, skillet pan or grill. Use a good quality non-stick pan, skillet or grill. Let it heat up and add a thin layer of oil. Let the burger meat sit out for 10-15 minutes on the bench to slightly increase the temperature and to cook through 70%  on 1 side before flipping.

This article will explore 7 easy ways to stop burgers from burning when cooking them at home.

7 Ways to stop burgers from burning

Check out my top ways to stop burgers from burning at home. These easy steps will give you juicy burgers that are caramelized on the outside and taste delicious.

1. Fry the burger at a lower temperature

If you notice that your burgers keep burning it is important to reduce the temperature. On an electric or gas indoor stove it is best to heat the pan at a medium temperature. This can mean that you heat the pan from 50-75% of the maximum heat.

I like to start the pan at 75% heat and then move the temperature down to 50%. This will form a crispy outside on the burger so you can flip it over and cook it on the other side.

2. Preheat the pan or grill

It is important to preheat the oven or grill before putting your burger patty in to fry. This will help to form a crust quickly when the meat is put into the pan. This will mean that you can easily flip the burger before it burns.

If you try to place your burger patty on an unheated pan or grill it will quickly stick at the pan heats up. Cook the burger patty 70% of the way through before flipping.

3. Put a thin layer of oil on the pan

To stop the burger patty from sticking Let the oil heat up for 30-60 seconds then pop the meat patty in. Cook it 70% on the first side until you see the brown appear along the edges. Flip the patty and cook it all the way through.

You can flip it over again if you want to brown it further on both sides.

4. Make smash burgers

Making smash burgers are an easy way to make sure your burger cooks through before it burns. Smash burgers are a very thin burger that forms a delicious crust and cooks fast.

To make a smash burger the easiest way is to form the burger patty into a ball, place it on a preheated grill and push it flat with a BBQ scraper.

The flatter and thinner you get the burger, the quicker it will form a crust and cook through before it burns.

For great, low cost burgers you can make at home, then check out this video.

5. Use mince with 20% fat

To avoid dry burgers that burn in the pan it is a good idea to choose mince that has around 20% fat. This will keep the burgers moist, will stop them from sticking and will allow them to cook through before they burn.

The fat will be released from the meat and will surround the burger, transferring heat from the pan to the patty helping it to cook through.

6. Take the meat out of the fridge 15 minutes before you cook

Another great way to avoid your burgers burning is to take the meat for the burgers out of the fridge before you make them. Leave the mince on the bench for 15 minutes before you make the patties.

This will let the heat to transfer through the burger more evenly and cook them through before they burn.

7. Cover the pan

Another great way to get burger patties to cook through without burning is to cover them. Pop them in the pan or grill and cook them through on one side. You can then flip them over and cover the pan.

Pans on the stovetop can be covered with a frying pan lid, or any pot lid that is heat proof and will fit. This will trap the steam and cook the burger patty through evenly.

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How to stop burgers from burning | Summary

To stop burgers from burning when you cook them at home it is much easier to make thin burgers and cook them evenly. Cook them most of the way through on one side and flip them to finish cooking. You can flip again to make sure both sides have browned.

Covering burgers with a lid is another way to cook them through without burning.

Happy cooking.