How to thin spaghetti sauce | 8 Easy ways

To make spaghetti sauce thinner without losing flavor, add vegtable stock, beef stock, canned chopped tomatoes, passata or pasta water. Spaghetti sauce can quickly become too thick if it is reduced for too long or does not have enough added liquid. Add back this liquid to thin it out and add back flavor.

This article will explore some easy ways that you can fix your spaghetti sauce that has become too thick. There are loads of options that will help to thin your sauce without losing their flavor.

8 Ways to thin spaghetti sauce

Check out the best ways to thin your spaghetti sauce without losing flavor.

1. Vegetable stock

If your spaghetti sauce has been over-reduced or is just too thick then add some vegetable stock. This will have loads of flavor, will thin out the sauce and make it taste great. Use a good quality vegetable stock and allow the stock to heat through before serving.

2. Beef stock

If you are making a spaghetti sauce and want an even richer flavor you can thin it out with beef stock. This is perfect if you are making a bolognese sauce that has ground beef. The beef stock will complement the flavor and help to thin the sauce.

3. Canned chopped tomatoes

Canned chopped tomatoes will help to thin out very thick pasta sauce. Canned tomatoes contain liquid and a delicious tomato flavor. Take the time to heat the sauce for at least 5-10 minutes after adding the tomatoes.

4. Tomato passata

If your pasta sauce has become too thick because it contains too many vegetables and meat then add some passata. Passata is basically pureed tomatoes which are full of liquid and flavor.

Pour in some passata and stir it through. This will help to thin out the sauce without losing the rich tomato flavor. For most of my pasta sauces I use a full jar of passata. It is 100% tomatoes is a great way to thin out the sauce and add flavor.

5. Pasta water

Adding pasta water to your sauce is a good way to help to thin it out. Pasta water will contain starch which will help the ingredients in yoru pasta sauce to stick together. It is a great way to bring together pasta sauce that has separated while helping to thin it out.

If you add too much pasta water, don’t worry, just cook the sauce for slightly longer to thicken it up again.

6. Water

The simplest way to thin out spaghetti sauce is to add water. This is a great way to help to thin out the sauce without adjusting the flavor. Add a few tablespoons to help to thin the sauce slightly before serving.

7. Add wine

A great way to thin out your spaghetti sauce is to add some extra wine. Adding white wine will add a mild flavor without overpowering the sauce. Take the time to cook the sauce for at least 5 minutes to cook off the alcohol.

8. Fresh tomatoes

Adding chopped fresh tomatoes to your sauce is a great way to add extra liquid and to thin the sauce out. Tomatoes contain loads of water so will quickly loosen a thick spaghetti sauce.

Chop up 1-2 small tomatoes and add in the whole lot including the seeds and skin. Stir the tomato through and cook for 2-3 minutes. You can cook for longer to enrich the flavor or take it off the heat to keep the fresh tomato taste.

How to thin out spaghetti sauce

Spaghetti sauce that is too thick can be thinned out with water, wine, stock or extra tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes contain loads of water and will help to add a fresh tomato taste. You can add pasta water which will also help to bring the sauce together and enrich the flavor.