Kitchen Scissors vs Regular Scissors | What is the Difference?

Kitchen scissors and regular scissors are different in their construction, blade shape and care. Kitchen scissors are used to cut food including meat and herbs, will have blades that pull apart and are made from a strong, hardy steel.

Sewing scissors are sharp, with a blade that is made to cut thread or fabric. Sewing scissors should only be used for this purpose otherwise the blade can be damaged.

Differences between kitchen scissors and regular scissors

There are many different scissor designs and types from kitchen scissors, sewing scissors, craft scissors and multiuse scissors. Each have a different construction and blade care processes.

Having a variety of scissor types at home that are made for the job at hand is a great idea. Using scissors for the wrong use or moving scissors from outdoors to indoors is a bad idea.

Check out the table below for a summary of the main indifferences between kitchen scissors and regular scissors.

 Kitchen scissorsSewing scissorsMultiuse scissors
UsesUsed to cut food, meat, herbs.Cut thread or fabricUsed to cut food, open bottles, crack nuts, crack crab.
BladesNon-serratedNon-serratedCan be serrated
Pull apartYesNoYes
CleaningHand washDo not washHand wash
ConstructionStainless steelGold plated or stainlessStainless steel

What is the difference between kitchen shears and scissors?

Kitchen shears have a thick, strong blade which can come apart for cleaning. They can be sharpened using a pull through knife sharpener and will have a strong handle.

Scissors is the general term for all cutting scissors which can include hair scissors, craft scissors or sewing scissors. Check out the main features of each scissor type below.

Kitchen scissors

Kitchen scissors have a sharp blade, can be taken apart for cleaning and are usually made from stainless steel. These scissors can take a beating meaning they can chop through tough food like chicken bone and delicate food like herbs and vegetables.

Choose good quality stainless steel kitchen scissors for the best result and to allow you to clean them thoroughly with warm soapy water between uses.

Check out a good quality stainless steel set of scissors from Amazon below.

Sewing scissors

Scissors used for sewing have long, sharp blades and pointy tips. This allows the scissors to slide along fabric to make a sharp, clean cut. Scissors used for sewing can also be used to cut threat and create a clean cut at the end making it easy to thread onto a needle.

Sewing scissors have an edge that is designed to cut fabric and should not be use for any other purpose including cutting paper, tough string or ribbon. This can damage the edge of the scissors and they will no longer slide through the fabric as desired.

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Hair dressing scissors

Hair dressers use thin, sharp scissors often with a gold plating. These are kept sharp and have a sharp point. Barber scissors are often longer than regular hair cutting scissors but both are sharp to prevent any damage to the end of the hair.

If you are planning to give hair cutting a go at home take care as these scissors are sharp. Check out some good quality hair cutting scissors from Amazon below.

Multiuse scissors

Multiuse scissors are my favorite and can be used outside or in the kitchen. Always have a pair that is dedicated to the intended use. Get a pair for to use outdoors in your garden and store them in your garden shed. These can be used to cut string, trim herbs or open packets of soil.

Multiuse scissors are also great in the kitchen as they can open cans, open bottles and crack nuts. They can also cut meat, vegetables and fish to make it easy to prepare your meals at home.

Can you use regular scissors as kitchen scissors?

Regular scissors can be used in the kitchen for small tasks like opening packets or trimming herbs. Regular scissors are not as strong as kitchen scissors so for tougher tasks like breaking down a whole chicken, get some good quality stainless steel kitchen scissors for the job.

Remember that if you use scissors in the kitchen, they should be washed immediately and dried. Do not use sewing or fabric scissors for any other use except for cutting fabric or thread. Their edge can blunt quickly on herbs or paper.

Check out this great video on all of the different ways you can use kitchen scissors.

What is the use of kitchen scissors?

Kitchen scissors are used to cut vegetables, herbs, crack crab, crack nuts, cut fat off of meat, cut sausages and prepare meat. Kitchen scissors can be used to cut cooked or fresh chicken, to take the scales off fish or to cut the string used after tying up meat.

Kitchen scissors are my favorite kitchen tool, they can be stored in knife blocks or kept in the drawer. Keep them away from kids as they have sharp edges.

Use the nut cracker in between the handles to break open walnuts.

Do you need kitchen scissors?

Every home needs a good quality pair of kitchen scissors. I use mine everyday for something whether it is opening crisp packets or chopping herbs. These are easy to clean and can be thrown in the dishwasher. While they will last longer when washed by hand a good quality pair of scissors will last for many years.

My scissors have lasted for 8 years so far and show very little sign of wear.

Kitchen scissors vs regular scissors | Summary

Kitchen scissors are different to regular scissors in that they are tough, will come apart and are perfect for cutting food.

Having a pair of scissors for all of your tasks around the house including sewing, gardening and kitchen use is essential to keep the blades sharp and in good condition for longer. Take care if you plan to use hair dressing scissors for the first time, they are sharp.

My favorite scissors are a good quality stainless steel pair for the kitchen. These will keep lasting for a long time if they are washed immediately after use with warm soapy water. I dry them with a tea towel and allow them to dry completely on a drying rack.