Are Mugs Oven Safe? | Coffee Mugs, Ceramic, Stoneware and Glass

Good quality stoneware mugs are oven safe as well as some ceramic and glass coffee mugs. Always check the base of the mug to see if it is marked oven safe. Preheat the oven first and keep the temperature at a maximum of 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or 178 degrees Celsius) for stoneware or 270 degrees Fahrenheit for enamel mugs.

Some mugs cannot be placed in the oven because the rapid increase in heat can cause the glass to break or crack. Most mugs will be marked with “ovens safe” on the base if they can go in the oven.

Ceramic mugs will often have “oven safe” written on the bottom like this one.

Choose good quality stoneware if you are planning on using it in the oven as cheaper mugs may contain chemicals in the glaze that can leech out into food when it is heated.

It is important never to put takeaway coffee mugs into the oven made from paper or plastic. Coffee mugs with silicone on the outside should not be placed in the oven as it silicone or rubber can melt.

My oven safe mug.

How know if mugs are oven safe

Here are the best ways to know if a mug is oven safe. If it meets any of these criteria, the mug can go in the oven to bake at medium temperatures.

1. Check the bottom for words like “oven safe” or a picture of an oven

The best way to check to see if a mug is oven safe is to check the bottom of the mug. Those that have been manufactured in a way that makes the safe for the oven usually write this on the bottom. The writing is often small and can sometimes wash off in the dishwasher.

I have used a range of my mugs to bake cakes in cups in the oven and they have survived well. I will always choose the ones with oven safe written on the bottom so I can be sure that they won’t break.

2. Check the brand details online

The next way to tell if mugs are oven safe is to check the brand details online. The brand is usually written on the bottom of the mug if you have thrown away the packaging. Good quality mugs will have information online describing if they are oven safe.

3. Check the packaging before you throw it away

When you buy a new mug you should always check the packaging to see if the mug is marked oven safe. It can be very hard to tell just by looking at a mug to know if you can use it to bake in the oven. Always ready the label before throwing it away.

Not all mugs are oven safe, especially if they have complicated patterns or decorations added after they have been fired.

Mug types that can go in the oven

Here are the most common mug types and materials that are oven safe. Have a look through the list to see if your mugs are oven safe.


Stoneware mugs are oven safe if the mug is good quality and free of chips or breaks. Any small chip can weaken the structure causing it to break when heated to oven temperatures. Check the base to make sure you see oven safe written on the bottom. These cups will be happy in a medium heat oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Glass mugs

Undecorated glass mugs that are made for coffee or tea can be put in the oven if the manufacturer has confirmed that it is safe. Otherwise, I would not put it in. Small, strong latte glasses are fine or those specially made for tea or coffee often have “oven safe” written on the bottom.

Metal mugs

Metal mugs made for camping including enamel mugs are usually oven safe. Check the base first to confirm this and make sure there are no plastic pieces on the mug. Many enamel mugs have a maximum baking temperature of 270 degrees Fahrenheit including Falcon enamel mugs. Always check the individual company before baking in the oven.

Ceramic mugs marked as oven safe

Ceramic mugs can be made to be oven safe. The only way to know is to check the mug itself. It isn’t always that more expensive mugs are oven safe and cheaper ones are not. I have a set of Maxwell Williams white mugs which are oven safe. They are large and perfect for baking cake in mugs.

This is my standard ceramic mug that is oven safe and perfect for baking cake in a mug. This is Maxwell Williams brand.

Mugs to avoid putting in the oven

Here are a few guidelines to consider when deciding whether or not to put mugs in the oven. It is best to avoid putting those listed below in the oven.

Porcelain not marked as “oven safe”

Porcelain mugs that do not have any markings that are oven safe, then you should avoid putting them in. Check the manufacturers website to make sure that it hasn’t just washed off in the dishwasher. Unless you see “oven safe” written on the mug, then don’t use it in the oven.

Fine China

It is always best to avoid putting thin and fine China in the oven. The risk of breakage is high and they are usually not designed for this purpose. Any small chips or hitting the mug against the side of the oven can weaken the structure. The rapid change in temperature can also break fine China when baking in the oven.


Earthenware generally is not safe for the oven. Earthenware is not usually processed or baked at a high enough temperature to not make them oven safe. Unless it has oven safe on the mug, do not put it in the oven.

Putting coffee mugs in the oven

Coffee mugs in general can include metal, glass, porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, and fine China. To know if the mug is oven safe it is always best to check for “oven safe” markings on the mug itself. Many coffee mugs are oven safe but you will need to check each mug individually.

Are Mugs Oven Safe? | Summary

Not all mugs are oven safe so you will need to check the base to see if it marked “oven safe” before baking. Many mugs can be used in the oven at a low to medium temperature but it is best to check the manufacturers website to know the exact figure. Many coffee cups can be used in the oven at temperatures from 270 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stoneware mugs are usually oven safe and strong, undecorated ceramic mugs can also be oven safe if they are manufactured in the right way.