Putting Stoneware in the Microwave? | 5 Easy Tips

Good quality stoneware can be used in the microwave. Use it to reheat food from the fridge to the microwave safely. Make sure that the dish does not have any cracks or chips and is good quality. Cheaper stoneware can have chemical additives in the glaze that may leech out when microwaved.

This article will explore all you need to know about microwaving stoneware. Find out the ways to avoid breakage and how to test if it is microwave safe.

Tips for putting stoneware in the microwave

If you have some stoneware at home and you want to use it in the microwave these tips will help you to do it safely.

1. Test the stoneware first

If you have had stoneware sitting in your cupboard for a long time and can’t remember where it came from it is best to test it before microwaving your food. To do this, fill the stoneware half full with water and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Carefully take the dish out and if the stoneware is hotter than the water inside then do not use it in the microwave. If the water has started to heat up and the stoneware feels cool, then it should be fine to microwave with if it meets the other criteria below.

2. Make sure it doesn’t have a metallic rim

Avoid microwaving stoneware that has a metallic ring. The metal in the ring could spark and cause a fire. Check the stoneware and make sure there is no visible metal before microwaving.

3. Find out where it comes from

Some cheaper stoneware made in a variety of countries may contain additives in the glaze that can leach out when microwaved. Check where the stoneware is manufactured and if you have any concerns then avoid using it.

4. Check for chips or cracks

Check the stoneware for chips or cracks before putting it in the microwave. Any chips or cracks could show that the stoneware has been dropped or suffered from thermal shock. This means that it could break the next time it is heated up.

5. Cover the dish to avoid splashes

Covering a stone dish before microwaving will help to avoid the food splashing all over the place. You can use eco friendly cling wrap with a few holes or some bamboo paper towel. You can also use a plastic lid from another container as long as there is an air hole to allow stem to escape.

How to test if stoneware is microwave safe

It is important to test any stoneware dishes including cups, casserole dishes or bowls before using them in the microwave. To do this simply follow these steps below.

  1. Fill the dish or cup half way up with room temperature water
  2. Place it in the microwave and cook on high for 30 seconds
  3. Carefully remove the stoneware dish and test to see if the dish has heated up more than the water. If the dish is cool and the water has started to warm then the stoneware can be used in the microwave.

Putting handmade stoneware in the microwave

Handmade stoneware can be used for microwaving if it does not have a metallic edge and you have tested it yourself first. Check the stoneware for cracks or chips before microwaving any food or drinks. Store the stoneware carefully to avoid it being hit against other dishes and weakening the structure.

Putting cheap stoneware in the microwave

Avoid putting cheap stoneware in the microwave if you don’t know where it came from or where it is made. There is the chance that there are chemicals in the glaze that may leech out when microwaved. Good quality stoneware that costs a bit more will describe how their product is made.

Many countries have unregulated manufacturing processes where additives are not checked before the product is made and sold.

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How long can stoneware go in the microwave?

For all stoneware dishes it is best to only microwave for up to 2 minutes at a time. Add an additional minute if the food still needs to be heated. Remember when reheating leftovers to always reheat them until they are steaming hot to kill off any bacteria.

Are stoneware utensils microwave safe?

Stoneware utensils are microwave safe if they are good quality and in good condition. You can leave them in the dish as you microwave but it is really best to take them out. They will heat up in the microwave which will make them hot to handle and more difficult to use.

Make sure the stone utensils do not have any markings or metallic edging or design. This could cause sparks in your microwave causing fire or damaging your microwave.

What types of stoneware can go in the microwave?

Check out these common types of stoneware and how to safely put them in the microwave.

Cups and Mugs

The most common types of stoneware used in the microwave are mugs. These are perfect for reheating drinks and soups. Make sure the cup does not have any metallic designs and is in good condition before microwaving. Always test the mug first if you haven’t microwaved it before.

Casserole dishes

Stoneware casserole dishes can go in the microwave if they will fit without touching the edges. If the dish is small enough to fit in the microwave on the turn table without hitting the edges then it is fine. As long as it is in good condition, has not metallic design or edging and is good quality.


Stone bowls are great for reheating food in the microwave. You can cover the bowl with some eco-friendly wrap with holes or some paper towel to avoid splashing. Use stone bowls to reheat soup, oats for breakfast or custard.

Can you put stoneware in the microwave? | Summary

Stoneware is safe to use in the microwave if it is in good condition, made well and does not have any metallic edging or design. Choose good quality stoneware that has been manufactured following regulations for food safety. Stoneware made in the USA follows strict manufacturing guidelines and avoids harmful chemicals which could be released when microwaved.