What to do if you put too much flour in carrot cake | 8 Ways to save it

Adding too much flour to carrot cake can make it taste dry it can become crumbly and it will reduce the carrot flavor. You will need to add extra ingredients to help the cake to rise, to keep it moist and flavorful. Adjust the amount of carrot, egg, oil, sugar and baking powder to match the amount fo extra flour added.

If you have doubled the amount of flour, then you will need to double the amount of the other ingredients.

How to save carrot cake with too much flour

Check out my easy steps to save your carrot cake that has too much flour.

1. Remove the excess flour

If you have added the extra flour to the dry ingredients without mixing it yet it you can start by scooping it out. While this will not be an exact science you can do your best to remove the excess.

The best way to avoid adding too much flour to your carrot cake is to weigh it out on kitchen scales.

2. Add extra liquid

If you can’t get the extra flour out then you will need to add extra liquid to the batter to prevent it from becoming dry. You will need to add extra oil, milk, water or buttermilk depending on your recipe.

My carrot cake recipe has an oil base so if I have increase the amount of flour added by 50% I will need to add 50% more oil.

3. Add extra egg

If you have added a large amount of extra flour, 30% or more then you will need to add another egg. This will help the wet and dry ingredients to combine, add extra air and keep your cake light.

Mix the egg in with the other wet ingredients before adding them to the dry to avoid over-working the mixture.

4. Add extra baking powder or baking soda

If you add excess flour then it is essential to add extra baking powder or baking soda. These help the cake to rise and without an additional amount your cake will become flat and dense.

If you have doubled the amount of flour then you will need to double the amount of baking soda.

5. Add extra spices

To balance out the flavor and avoid the carrot cake tasting bland then you will need to add extra spices along with the extra flour.

Many carrot cake recipes include cinnamon however you could also have added ginger, all spice, star anise or clove. Whatever your recipe says, remember to increase the spices in proportion to the amount of extra flour added.

Add extra cinnamon to keep the cake tasting spicy.

6. Add more carrot

If you have added 30-50% more flour then it might be worth increasing the amount of carrot. There is usually around 1.5 cups of carrot to 1 cup of flour. Grate some more carrot and add it in if you have increased the flour by a lot.

Avoid adding too much carrot however otherwise the cake can become wet and soggy. For more on this, check out my previous article here: How to fix too much carrot in carrot cake? | 5 Easy ways.

I like to grate my carrot finely so that mixes into the cake well.

7. Add extra sugar

It will be important to add extra sugar to your carrot cake mix to help to avoid the cake tasting bland. Add this in proportion to your additional flour.

8. Bake the carrot cake for longer

Once you have added extra flour and other ingredients then you will have increased the volume of the batter. This means that you will need to bake it for longer or separate out the batter into another baking dish.

It might be easier to split the batter in half and make 2 layers of the cake separately. Just keep an eye on the cake and check it regularly to avoid overcooking.

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What to do if you put too much flour in carrot cake | Summary

If you put too much flour in your carrot cake all is not lost. Just increase the other ingredients in proportion to the amount of extra flour added. Remember to increase the cooking time or separate out your batter into another baking tin so that it bakes all the way through.

Happy cooking.