Where is the Expiration Date on Oikos Yogurt?

The expiration date on Oikos yogurt is printed on the lid. This Greek style yogurt from Dannon will indicate the date, month and year that the yogurt expires. It is best to eat oikos yogurt before the expiration date.

Oikos yogurt comes in 3 varieties. This includes Triple Zero which has no added sugar, fat or artificial sweeteners.

In Australia this is labelled as YoPRO which usually contains a mix of fruit.

Oikos creamy yogurt contains fruit and is creamy. Oikos Pro contains 20 grams of protein per serve.

If you are looking for the expiration or best before date, check the top of the yogurt. Most Oikos yogurt will last for at least 2 weeks in the fridge but can up to a month of expiration when you purchase it.

Where is the expiration date on Oikos triple zero yogurt?

The expiration date on Oikos triple zero yogurt is usually printed on the lid. Look out for the date, month and year printed right on the top.

If you buy Oikos yogurt in a carton, then look out for the expiration date printed on the side. This will match the expiration on the individual cartons.

How long Oikos yogurt lasts after it has been opened

Oikos yogurt will usually last up to 5 days after it has been opened. Is important to spoon the amount of yogurt you want out rather than eating straight out of the container.

Putting a spoon in your mouth and then back into the container can spread germs back into the yogurt. Bacteria can grow fast and can make the yogurt go off quickly.

It is important to reseal the rest of the yogurt in an airtight container. Avoid leaving it out of the fridge for longer than 2 hours.

How to store Oikos yogurt after opening

Once you open Oikos yogurt it is important to store it at the right temperature, keep it airtight and to avoid double dipping. Here are the top things to do after opening oikos yogurt to keep it in good condition.

Store Oikos yogurt at or below fridge temperature

Keep your yogurt in your fridge towards the back to keep it nice and cold. Make sure your fridge is set to a temperature at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent excess bacterial growth in the yogurt.

You can freeze yogurt to make a delicious dessert or to keep it for up to 2 months. Move it to an airtight container leaving a 1/3 inch gap at the top of the container to allow for expansion.

This will also keep ice off the top of the yogurt and avoid freezer burn.

Move excess Oikos yogurt to an airtight container

If you are not planning to eat all the yogurt it is best to move it to an airtight container to store it. You can cover the container it comes in if you can get it to seal tightly.

Clingfilm can work if you can make it wrap around and avoid any air holes.

Avoid eating directly out of the packaging

If you are not planning to eat the whole tub of yogurt it is best to avoid eating directly out of the container. This will avoid transferring bacteria from your mouth to the yogurt.

This will allow it to keep for longer without going bad.

Does Oikos yogurt go bad?

All yogurt will go bad at some point including Oikos. It is best not to consume Oikos yogurt after the expiration date. There is the chance it can separate and can have excess bacterial growth.

How to know when Oikos yogurt goes bad

Before eating your Oikos yogurt it is good to do a practical check of sight and smell.

The yogurt smells overly sour or bad in any way do not eat it.

Check the color of the yogurt and look out for any dark spots or color that does not match the original color. This can mean that there is excess bacterial or mold growth.

How long does Oikos triple zero yogurt last?

Oikos yogurt can last up to 1 month after you purchase it. Most yogurts will have around 4 weeks of time before it expires. This will give you plenty of time to eat it.

Does yogurt have an expiration date?

All yogurt will have an expiration or best before date printed. It is best to avoid eating yogurt that has gone past its expiration date as it could make you unwell.

Yogurt that has a best before date does have some flexibility. It could be fine 1-2 days after the date or even longer. It is important to use common sense when checking your yogurt.

If there are any signs of excess bacterial or fungal growth then do not eat the yogurt. This could be a raised or bulging lid which can indicate excess bacterial growth.

Look out for bad smells or changes in color which can mean that the yogurt has gone bad.

Where is the Expiration Date on Oikos Yogurt? | Summary

The expiration date on Oikos yogurt is usually printed on the lid. This will indicate the day, month and year that is best to eat it by. While best before dates can have a few days of flexibility and the yogurt might be fine after this time, it is important to check the yogurt first to make sure it looks and smells good.