Cracking the code: Where to find the expiration date on cup noodles

The expiration date on cup noodles is usually printed on the base of the container. The expiration date can include the day, month and year but often only includes the month. This is because noodles are a dehydrated product that is sealed so have a long shelf life. It is best to eat cup noodles before the expiration date to avoid them tasting stale.

Once the cup noodle container has been opened it is best to use it straight away. Opening the lid can allow bacteria to enter and it will no longer be good to eat. 

If you can’t find the expiration date on the bottom, check the top of the container. Most cup noodles have a long expiration date. Most will have around 6 months of expiration after the time you buy them.

Check the bottom of the cup noodles for the expiration date.

How long cup noodles last after being opened

Cup noodles will usually last up to a week after it has been opened if it is kept airtight. If you open the lid and want to keep it, just cover the top with some plastic wrap. This will keep them clean ready to use. 

How to store cup noodles after opening

If you open cup noodles and want to keep them for longer than a day, pop the noodles in an airtight container. This will help to keep them clean for longer. They can last for up to a month if they are stored dry once they have been opened.

Do cup noodles go bad?

All pre-prepared food will go bad at some point including cup noodles. It is best not to consume cup noodles after the expiration date. There is the chance it can become stale, flavorless or pick up some bacteria or mold.

How to know when cup noodles goes bad

Before eating your cup noodles it is good to do a practical check of sight and smell to make sure they haven’t gone bad. Even though they have been dried, there is still a chance that they can go off. 


If the cup noodles smell sour, stale or bad in any way do not eat it. Open the packet and give it a good sniff. They should have a very mild smell that is not offensive. If you notice any smell that is unusual, throw the noodles away and don’t eat them.


Check the color of the noodles and look out for any dark spots or color that does not match the bright color that noodles should be. Color change could mean that there is excess bacterial or mold growth.

If you notice any color changes to the noodles throw them away and do not eat them.


If the noodles look and smell fine but if they taste strange throw them away. Any changes to the taste can mean that they have gone bad. If they taste sour, bitter or unpleasant in any way avoid eating them.

How long do cup noodles last?

Cup noodles generally 6 months after you purchase them. You can keep them in a dark cupboard that is cool for many months before they expire. That is why they are a great snack to have on hand because you can buy and store them easily.

Do all cup noodles have an expiration date?

All cup noodles will either have an expiration or a best before date. Check the base of the container to see when your noodles expire. If you eat them after the best before date they may loose flavor.

If the container has been opened or if the seal has been broken, avoid eating them. Bacteria or fungi may have entered and may have spoiled the noodles.

Noodles that hav a best before date do have some flexibility. It could be fine a few days or weeks after this date. It is important to use common sense when checking your noodles before eating them. Check for bad smells and color changes and throw them out if anything seems off.

Where is the expiration date on cup noodles? | Summary

The expiration date on cup noodles is usually printed on the base of the container. This will usually show the month and year but may also show the exact day. While best before dates can have some flexibility it is best to eat it before the expiration date so it tastes at its best.