Why Kitchen Scissors Have a Hook | Find Out the Secret!

Scissors were made with hooks to use as a can opener or others without a sharp edge are used to open bottles. Kitchen scissors with hooks to open cans are hard to find but those with hooks to open bottles are common. Choose scissors made of good quality stainless steel and the hooks will stay strong.

Multifunction scissors with hooks, holes and nutcrackers

Multifunction scissors will have multiple uses including cutting meat, vegetables and fish as well as cracking nuts, opening bottles and cans. Kitchen scissors with a hook were common when manual can openers were normal and are still useful now.

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The benefits of multifunction kitchen scissors

Multifunction scissors have so many uses and are an easy way to prep food if you don’t feel like grabbing I knife. I like to use kitchen scissors to cut chicken into small pieces, but also cut herbs and Asian greens into my stir fry and curry.

Scissors can be used to cut fruit, noodles or even pizza. All good kitchen scissors should be able to come apart so you can wash them. I wash mine in the dishwasher and they have lasted well but to keep them in the best condition, wash them by hand and dry them straight away to avoid surface rust.

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Why kitchen scissors come apart

Kitchen scissors come apart to make them easier to wash. After cutting fresh meat it is very important to make sure your scissors are thoroughly cleaned before using again. Take the scissors apart and wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water.

Use soft sponge or brush to wash the scissors and protect your hands. Remember that the cutting edge of the scissor will be sharp so keep your fingers away.

Kitchen scissors come apart to make it easier to wash them.

Why there is a hole in the middle the of scissors

The hole in the middle of the scissors, between the handles is used to crack crab or nuts. Walnuts have a very hard shell but can be cracked using good quality kitchen scissors with a hole. This enables you to use the strength of your whole hand including your thumb to crack the nut and open the shell.

Cracking nuts and cracking crab

The hole in the middle of the scissors as well as cracking nuts can also be used to crack crab. The hard crab shell can be easily opened with the center hole in the scissors. The other great thing about using kitchen scissors to crack crab is that they can be taken apart to be thoroughly washed.

Everyone who has cracked crab knows the mess it makes and after a while it will smell bad. Pull your scissors apart and wash the crab bits out thoroughly before using them for something else.

These teeth in the middle of the scissors are used to crack nuts or crab.

Why do some scissors have teeth?

Kitchen scissors with teeth, or ridged edges that run along the top of the scissors can be used to scale fish. Simply pull the scissors apart and run the teeth along the back of the fish to lift the scales. This is another handy use of scissors with teeth.

Uses for kitchen scissors

There are many uses for good quality kitchen scissors. Here are some below.

Cutting herbs

Kitchen scissors are perfect for cutting herbs, from trimming the herbs off of the plant to finely chopping them to add to your food. You can even hold the herbs such as chives directly above the food you are cooking and chop the herbs straight into the dish. Just remember to wash them first.

Scissors are perfect for cutting herbs.

I like to use kitchen scissors when I am trimming my herbs. Unlike secateurs, kitchen scissors are finer so I can be more accurate with the amount of herbs that I am trimming off. Trim back mint with kitchen scissors when it starts getting over grown or give your parsley a haircut to keep it in check.

Cutting chicken

Kitchen scissors are perfect for cutting chicken either raw or cooked. Kitchen scissors can be used to break up a whole uncooked chicken, cut tenderloins into pieces for a stir fry or to cut off excess fat before chopping for your dish.

Cooked chicken can also be cut up into pieces using kitchen scissors. Cut a whole roast chicken into portions for your family or cut cooked chicken breast into pieces for your kids.

Important! Remember to always wash your scissors after cutting fresh chicken and never use scissors that have touched raw meat for anything else before washing them.

Wash your scissors after cutting fresh chicken.

Cutting greens

Kitchen scissors are perfect for cutting green vegetables like broccolini, pak choy or bok choy. Soft Asian greens are easy to cut with kitchen scissors. Give the green vegetables a good wash and cut them into pieces.

I also use my kitchen scissors to cut pieces of broccolini from my plants. This is an easy way to get in and cut pieces off without damaging the rest of the plant and is safer than using a knife.

Cut Asian greens with kitchen scissors for the best result.

Cut sausages

One of the common tasks for good quality kitchen scissors is to cut sausages apart. Before you head out to the grill, use kitchen scissors to separate sausages that are joined together to make it easy and avoid fumbling around with a knife while you are trying to organize the grill.

Cut the fat off meat

Removing the excess fat off meat, including steaks can be done with kitchen scissors. I like to use them to remove the excess fat from chicken thighs before cooking them in my curry. This makes it easier to remove the fat without wasting any chicken.

Why do kitchen scissors have a hook? | Summary

Kitchen scissors have a hook to open cans or bottles but there are so many other uses for them too. Multifunction kitchen scissors can open nuts, open crab, cut herbs, break down a whole chicken or even scale fish. Add kitchen scissors to your drawer or knife block for another great kitchen tool you will use all the time.