Waste Free Christmas – The Complete Guide

A waste free Christmas is a great thing for both the environment and for your budget. Avoid buying wasteful plastic or non-biodegradable products at Christmas to add to your eco friendly life.  Here are some great tips to help you have a waste free Christmas. Waste free Christmas tips Choose … Read more

What are huck towels and why you will want one

Huck towels are a cotton towel originally used to clean surgical instruments. They are great for cleaning windows because they don’t leave any lint and can replace disposable products such as paper towel. Huck towels can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and for cleaning car windows and mirrors. … Read more

What uses the most power in a house?

Heating and cooling your home uses the most power in a house, followed by heating water and then your washer and dryer. There are lots of factors that affect how much power your home uses. Many appliances in the home are power hungry and a lot of that energy can … Read more

What are reusable shopping bags made of?

Reusable shopping bags can be made of natural fabric such as canvas or jute, woven synthetic fibers or string. Canvas and jute bags are long lasting but can be resource intensive to make. Canvas is a cotton material which can take a lot of water to grow but can be … Read more

What paper towel alternative is eco friendly?

There are lots of paper towel alternatives that are eco friendly and reduce waste.  Try a recyclable sponge cloth, make your own reusable wipes, use re-purposed wash cloths, cut up an old towel, microfiber cloths or unpaper towels.  Swapping paper towel for an eco friendly alternative is a great sustainable … Read more