When to add manure to vegetable gardens | + 6 Times you shouldn’t

Add well aged manure to vegetable gardens twice per year in Fall and Spring. Pelleted chicken manure or aged cow manure should be added at the beginning of the two major growing seasons, 2 weeks before planting Summer vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and corn and Winter vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, … Read more

Grass clippings as mulch | 14 Pros & Cons

Grass clippings can be used as mulch and has many pros including reducing moisture loss from soil, stops weed growth and adds organic matter to soil. Mulching with grass clippings can have cons if it is laid too thick including becoming too soggy, anaerobic, or smelling. This can attract bugs … Read more

How to keep mice out of potted plants | 5 Natural Solutions

Keep mice out of potted plants by placing insect wire over drainage holes, planting lavender, mint or peppermint, place peppermint oil on pot edges and keep pet food away. Mice love living in potted plants because they can keep warm, protected and provide a good nesting space. Re-plant your potted … Read more

Extend Gutter Downspouts: 7 Ideas + Splash Blocks & Rain Barrels

Downspout gutter extension should move water at least 4-6 feet away from the base of your house to protect your foundations from water damage and avoid soil run off near your house. Downspout extensions can include underground piping, on-ground extensions, decorative splash blocks and roll-out drain sleeves. Check out this … Read more

My downspout is washing away mulch! | 7 Easy Solutions

Downspouts can wash away light mulches so heavy mulches like landscaping rocks are the best choice for these areas. Use a mix of mulch types around a down pipe starting with rocks, moving to larger bark chips and small bark chips for the perfect mix. Light mulches like a mixed … Read more

Eggshells attract snakes | Keeping snakes out of your yard

Eggshells can attract snakes if they still contain egg material, if they attract rodents or breaking down in your compost bin. Eggshells can attract snakes if they are left broken in chicken yards or still contain some egg contents. Snakes can be attracted to your yard if you have chickens, … Read more

Does mulch attract ants?

The best mulch types that will not attract ants include bark mulch, straw and sugar cane mulch. Dry mulch or those with a mix of leaves and stems will be the perfect cover for your soil and keep the mulch to less than 3 inches thick. Avoid mulches with visible … Read more