Does Sage Repel Roaches? | 5 Ways to Use It in Your Home and Garden

When you are a homeowner, few things are as annoying as having pests in your home, especially ones such as roaches. Roaches come in all sizes, but even the tiny ones can be a huge inconvenience, especially because they are so dirty and carry germs wherever they go.

If you don’t like the chemical-filled pest-control methods and you’d prefer to try something more natural, there are certain herbs and essential oils that are very effective, and one of them is sage.

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Sage Repels Roaches

Sage does repel roaches, and the main reason why is that they hate the smell. This means that you can use sage in many different ways and still eliminate nasty roaches. You can burn sage if you like or merely leave it lying around in a bowl.

It is the smell the roaches hate, so they’ll do whatever it takes to stay away from your pile of sage. The best part is that all you need is just one strand of sage to get the job done.

Here are 3 easy ways to use sage in your home to repel roaches.

Fresh sage

Buy a small bunch of fresh sage and place it in bowls in different areas of your home. The smell of the sage will do a great job of keeping the roaches away.

Sage oil

Sage oil is a convenient way to spread the smell of sage throughout your home. Pure sage oils can be added to your favorite diffuser and placed in your kitchen to keep roaches away. It smells great and is a natural way to deter these annoying insects.

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Sage incense

Sage incense sticks are an easy way to fill your home with the smell of sage. They are simple to use and can be lit in the kitchen or bathroom where the roaches life.

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How Sage Repels Roaches

Roaches hate the smell of fresh or burning sage and will do whatever is necessary to stay away from it. Sage has a very strong smell that repels roaches of all types.

Another reason is that sage contains pyrethrum chemicals. These chemicals upset the nervous system of roaches where they are unable to properly function whenever they are near this plant. For these reasons, sage is a great way to keep roaches away.

You can also pulverize the sage leaves and sprinkle them in various spots on your kitchen cabinets or even on the floors. You can place fresh sage, either in strands or crumbled up, nearly anywhere you’ve found bugs and roaches in the past. For the best results, make sure that your sage is as fresh as possible.

In addition to sage, there are other herbs and oils that can be spread around near where you’ve seen roaches and even mixed with water and sprayed on the affected area. These include cayenne, onion powder, garlic, bay leaf, borax and sugar, baking soda, coffee, isopropyl alcohol, and oils such as tea tree, citrus, cypress, and peppermint.

Other Uses for Sage Around Your Home

Sage is a very versatile herb that you can use in numerous ways both in and out of your kitchen.

1. Smudging

You’ve probably heard about smudging, which is the process of burning sage and cleansing each room in your home so that all negative energy can be removed.

This is an ancient Native American ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years. Any time that you notice a heaviness or negative energy inundating your home, it’s likely time for another smudging!

For more on this process, check out this video below.

In addition to smudging, there are four other ways that you can put sage to good use in your home:

2. Add fresh sage to your cleaning products

You can add crushed fresh sage to just about any cleaning product, including basic cleaners and products used to dust furniture. If you love your cleaning products but you hate their smells, adding some sage to the product makes them smell much nicer.

Even better, the smell gets better the longer the sage is in the container because it fuses with the product to produce a smell that everyone loves.

3. Make sage-infused olive oil

Olive oil is great when added to meat, pastas, and vegetables, but adding sage to the oil makes it even better. Simply crush up some sage and add it to some extra-virgin olive oil, then place the bottle of oil in a cool dark place for a day or two. The longer you let it sit, the better the flavor will be.

4. Roast your sage

Roasted sage tastes amazing, and it can be added to mixes and dozens of recipes. In fact, once the sage is roasted, it’ll make everything taste even better. If you love roasted peanuts, you can add fresh sage to the nuts before you roast them in the oven. It’ll give your peanut a much fresher and yummier taste that you’ll get used to real quick.

5. Make sage-infused honey

Sage-infused honey is a delicious addition to teas, marinades, and fish dishes. Just allow the honey to sit for a day or two after adding crushed sage to it, then use it for a variety of dishes and seasoning combinations.

As you can see, using sage in and out of your kitchen is simple and convenient, so whether you want to use it for getting rid of roaches or creating a tool that will make your next culinary masterpiece taste even better, this herb will not let you down. It is also an inexpensive herb to try and will have you glad that you gave it a go.


When you’re experiencing a problem with roaches or other bugs in your home and you’d like to get rid of them the all-natural way, sage is the perfect solution. Easy to find and very effective, it is also great for using in the kitchen and for cleansing your home of all negative energy.

It is a good idea to have fresh sage in your home because you never know when you’ll be using it next.