Growing Lime Trees in Full Sun

Lime trees will grow best in full sun and produce large and delicious limes. Plant lime trees in a position that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight. Lime trees can grow them in a part shade position but will produce less leaves, flowers and fruit. Water lime trees regularly in summer and you will gets lots of fruit throughout the season.

This article will explore the best position to plant lime trees, growing them successfully in sun and part shade and how to get them to grow lots of fruit fast.

Lime trees grow best in full sun.

Best position for lime trees

The best position for lime trees is in a full sun position. This is important in spring and summer to encourage the plant to grow flowers, to attract pollinating insects and grow lots of large fruit. A position that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun will encourage the plant to grow lots of leaves, healthy stems and roots to support a large crop.

Best position for potted lime trees

Potted lime trees can be moved each season to find the sunniest position in your yard. Move the pot into a position that gets full sun in spring and summer. You can then move them to a protected position in fall and winter to avoid frost damage.

The more sun the lime tree gets, the large it will grow. The more leaves the plant has, the more it will photosynthesize and make its own food. This will enable it to grow strong stems and support lots of fruit.

More flowers and higher pollination rates

Lime trees will lose some flowers throughout the season. They will produce more flowers than the plant can support to grow into full size fruit. You will get less flower loss and a higher pollination rate if the plant is grown in full sun.

New fruit that have set on my lime tree grown in part shade.

Growing lime trees in full sun

Lime trees will thrive in a position that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight, but 8 or more hours is even better. The more sun the tree gets the large and quicker it will grow. You can also leave limes on the tree to ripen for longer for a sweeter lime.

If limes are left on the tree for longer, they will actually turn yellow and taste like a sweet lemon. Pick them earlier when the skin is dark green for a classic lime taste.

Growing lime trees in part shade

Lime trees will still grow well in part shade as long as they are getting at least 5 hours of direct sun. My lime tree is growing in part shade and is still producing limes regularly. I have at least 5 limes growing on my tree even though it is shaded for most of the afternoon.

I find that lime trees are more tolerant of shade than other citrus trees. A lime tree grown in part shade will not grow as fast as those grown in full sun. The fruit will develop slower and usually will not grow as big.

Benefits of growing lime trees in full sun

The three benefits of growing limes in full sun include higher pollination rates which means more fruit, the fruit will grow larger and the plant will grow quicker.

1. Larger fruit

Lime trees grown in full sun will produce larger fruit. A full sun position will lead to a larger tree with more leaf growth, strong roots systema and stronger stems. This means that the plant can support a larger crop with larger fruit.

Make sure that you still follow a regular regime of feeding and watering you plant to make sure it has what it needs to grow well. I like to give the tree pelleted chicken manure at the start of each season and follow up with trace elements and iron chelates in spring.

2. Quicker growth

Lime trees will grow quicker when they are grown in at least 6 hours of full sun. More sun means that the leaves will have more light to photosynthesize turning sunlight and carbon dioxide into food for the plant.

This means that the carbon created can be used to form larger stems, trunk and roots and also to grow more leaves. Lime trees will grow faster and larger in full sun compared to those grown in part shade.

3. Higher pollination rates and more fruit

Lime trees grown in full sun will attract more pollinating insects. Plants in full sun will attract more bees to their bright white and yellow flowers. They will arrive to collect the nectar from the flowers, buzzing from flower to flower and moving the pollen.

Higher pollination rates mean that more fruit will set on the tree. The tree size will still determine how much fruit the tree can carry to full size.  A higher pollination rate will enable the tree to grow its maximum fruit capacity.

Can lime trees grow in shade?

Lime trees can grow in full shade. They will still produce fruit and grow well. Lime trees grown in full shade will grow slower and generally stay smaller than those grown in full sun. I find that limes are one of the most shade tolerant citrus trees so give them a go if you have a part-shade position.

How much sun does a lime tree need?

A lime tree with thrive if they get at least 6 hours of direct sun. Any less than this will lead to a smaller tree and less fruit. Lime trees will still successfully grow in a part shade position but their grown will be slower than those in full sun.

Growing Lime Trees in Full Sun | Summary

Lime trees will grow well in a position that gets at least 6 hours of full sun. Water them well during summer and feed with pelleted chicken manure. Lime trees will grow lots of leaves, stems and flowers. They will be able to support more fruit and grow a large crop of limes throughout the year.