How Much Water do Radishes Need? | A Simple Guide

Radishes need between 1-2 inches (3-7cm) of water per week. Water radishes 3 times per week moistening the top soil 1 inch below the surface. Add around ¼ of a cup of water per plant to help them to grow crisp and fast. Keep the soil moist after planting seeds until they grow their second set of leaves.

Radishes are easy to grow and can be sown in early Spring, in April and again for a second crop in August for a crop to harvest in Fall. Radishes can grow and be read for harvest in 20 days so are a great crop to grow with kids.

This article will explore how to take care of radishes, growing them fast and crunchy.

How to water radish seeds

Growing radishes by seed is easy and is the best way to get a successful crop. Radishes are a root vegetable with a main tap root that does not like being disturbed. This means that it is best to sow them directly into a garden bed where they can grow and mature.

After sewing the tiny seeds water them gently with a mist spray from your hose or from a spray bottle. Once the seeds are sown they need to be kept moist until they grow their second set of leaves or are at least 1 inch tall.

If the seeds dry out at any point as they are growing the plant can fail to grow.

Keep watering the seeds each morning with a fine mist to make sure the soil is moist.

Check out this video for easy ways to grow large, crispy radishes.

How to water radish plants

Once radish plants are at least 2 inches tall with a second set of leaves they will be able to survive longer between watering. They will send a long tap root down to reach the deeper water in the soil and will grow small side roots from the main radish tuber.

Water radish plants with a watering can with a rose or hose with a spray attachment. This will help to avoid washing soil away from the roots.

Water radishes 3 times per week to keep the soil moist. Avoid allowing the soil to stay soggy as this can slow the radish growth. Allowing at least 1 day between watering will let the soil dry slightly before you water again.

Regular water helps to radish to grow large and crisp. Radishes that grow quickly will have a sweeter and milder taste than those that grow slower with less water.

How often to water radish plants

It is best to water radish plants every 2 days during their peak growing periods of spring and fall. Radishes love mild weather so the soil will no dry out between watering. On average radishes will thrive with water 3 times per week.

How often to water radish seeds

Radish seeds will need to be watered every day with a light mist to keep them moist. Seeds that are allowed to dry out can die quickly and will not grow into a mature plant.

Keep watering radish seeds everyday until you see the second set of leaves. By then the radish will have sent down a tap root to the deeper soil that stays moist for longer. If you notice your radish leaves drooping and the soil is dry, water them again to get them to stand upright.

How wet or dry should soil be for radishes?

Radishes grow best and fastest in moist but not soggy soil. They have relatively shallow roots, ranging from 3-4 inches deep once they are mature. This means that they need regular surface water to keep them growing well.

How to know if radishes need water

There are some signs to look out for to know that your radishes need watering.

1. Drooping leaves

The first sign that your radishes need more water is drooping leaves. Once the plant dries out or if you have unseasonably warm weather the leaves will start to bend and hang down.

Check the soil and if it is dry, water your plants with a sprayer nozzle attached to your hose. You can add a small amount of seaweed solution to a watering can and add that too. This will help to strengthen the root system.

2. Dry soil 1 inch down

Check the soil with your finger or with a popsicle stick. If the soil feels dry or the stick comes out dry then your radishes need more water. Water them deeply and leave them a day until you water again.

3. Wrinkled radish tubers

If you notice that your radish tubers are starting to look wrinkled on the tops then it is likely that they need more water.

For crunchy, crispy and fast growing radishes water them regularly.

Do radishes need lots of water?

Radishes do not need lots of water but need it regularly. They have relatively shallow root systems which reach only a few inches below the soil surface. This means that they are more prone to drying out and can lead to a bitter taste.

Small amounts of water every day or so is a great way to water your radishes. Plant them in the spring and fall when the weather is mild and the are less likely to dry out.

How Much Water do Radishes Need? | Summary

Radishes need small amounts of water regularly to get them to grow fast and crispy. They need minimal fertilizer so improving the soil before planting with compost and aged cow manure is a great start. You shouldn’t need to fertilize again as they grow and the soil will hold water for longer.