How often to water oregano | Easy guide for the best results

Water oregano every 2-3 days for the first week and over a dry summer. Oregano likes to dry out between watering because it is a Mediterranean herb. After the first week, slow down the watering to once per week in spring and fall. Check the soil moisture in summer and let the soil dry out between watering.

Oregano can survive on just rainwater alone for most of the year if you live in a tropical or subtropical region. In dry areas water oregano deeply once or twice per week in summer.

How often to water oregano

Oregano plants will need watering at different times throughout the season. This will depend on the season, rainfall and how long it has been planted for. A new seedling will need water every 2-3 days to settle it in over the first week.

An advanced oregano plant will last longer without water and will need less water if they are mulched with bark or straw.

Oregano can grow as a small shrub or ground cover. It can grow as high as 20 inches and cover the same size area horizontally. A large plant like this will last well in warmer weather and can keep the ground cooler for surrounding plants.

How often water a oregano in spring

Water every 1-2 weeks when during low rainfall

Oregano plants will add lots of new growth in spring after a dormant period over the winter. Oregano will benefit from water every 1-2 weeks in Spring if the weather is dry.

For regions that get plenty of spring rain particularly in tropical and subtropical areas oregano may not extra hand watering.

To know if your oregano needs more water, check the soil with your finger 2 inches below the surface and see if it is still dry. If the water is dry deeper down, it will need a top up of water to keep the plant happy.

Sometimes the rain is not enough to reach deep into the soil so top up oregano with water and add some seaweed solution to the watering can to support the roots.

How often water a oregano in the summer

Water 1-2x per week (depending on rainfall)

Oregano can need extra water in summer up to 1-2 times per week. You could water less often in areas that get high rainfall. Oregano loves warm dry weather so it will add a lot of leaf growth in the summer.

Pick the oregano leaves regularly and it will grow into a small dense bush or form a great groundcover.

Drooping leaves are a sign that the oregano needs some extra water. Water it well in the morning while allowing the day for it to dry out gradually.

How often water oregano in fall

Water every 1-2 weeks

Water your oregano every 1 -2 weeks when the weather starts to cool in wall. Your oregano will slow its growth and prepare itself for a dormant period over winter. Pick the leaves and dry them by tying them together and hanging them in a pantry.

You may find that you rarely need to water your oregano in fall as the weather cools and the soil stays moist for longer.

How often water a oregano in winter

Check each week, add water if the top 2 inches of soil is dry

Oregano will slow its growth in winter and will usually get enough water from the rain. You may not need to water at all, maybe every 2-3 weeks if the soil is very dry. Potted oregano can dry out quicker so check the soil and water the pots if they are dry.

I like to put mulch around my oregano in spring and top it up again in fall which can keep them moist all the way through winter. Bark mulch will also work to absorb extra rainfall and prevent winter weeds from growing near your oregano.

Watering oregano with seaweed solution

Oregano is a plant that is easy to care for and will not require excessive amounts of fertilizer. I only add pelleted chicken manure in spring and will add seaweed solution to the watering can when I water it in. Seaweed solution is a mild root tonic that can help with plant growth by supporting a healthy root system and soil.

Add seaweed solution to your watering can when you remember to help to grow strong, healthy oregano plants.

How often to water a oregano | Summary

Oregano plants will need watering every 2-3 days when you first plant them out for the first week or two. The watering rate can then slow down to once every 1-2 weeks in Spring. Over summer you may need to water oregano a couple of times in the week to keep it from drying out.

Remember that oregano grown in pots can dry out quicker so check the soil and add water if it feels dry.

My oregano was planted at the end of fall and sat dormant for most of the winter. The oregano stayed as a small plant that grew close to the ground over winter and then when spring arrived it grew out of the ground to around 7 inches tall.

This plant will slowly spread and cover a small area so you can use it to plug holes in your garden beds, plant them in pots or grow them in a raised garden bed.

Oregano is a quick growing herb and is perfect for drying in your garage or pantry to save for later.

Happy growing.