How to Keep Frogs Off Your Porch | 11 Easy Ways

Frogs can be cute creatures, and some people love them, but if there are too many of them on your porch, it’s good to know there are easy ways to get rid of them.

To keep frost off your porch turn the porch lights off, use vinegar spray, create a frog home in your yard, make sure your yard drains well and use natural repellents like coffee grounds.

This article will explore 11 easy ways to keep frogs away.

The Best Ways to Keep Frogs Off Your Porch

If frogs keep inundating your porch, below are things to know about frogs and ways to get rid of them that are natural and humane.

1. Turn Off Your Porch Lights

When your porch lights are on, all types of insects will naturally be attracted to them. And since frogs feast on insects, they’ll love heading towards your porch so they can eat some.

Remember that frogs are scavengers and therefore love it when people make it easy for them to find an endless supply of insects to keep them full. The easiest way to make frogs uninterested in your porch is to keep the lights off as much as possible.

2. Learn What Type of Frog It Is

If you know what type of frog is visiting your porch, you can contact the local authorities to determine how best to get rid of them.

Some frog species are protected and, therefore, you won’t be allowed to simply take them back to the woods. Once you know what type of frog that’s on your porch, you can contact the authorities, and they’ll help figure out what to do about the problem.

3. Use a Vinegar Spray

This is a simple remedy. Just mix one part white vinegar with one part water and spray your porch with it. The mixture burns the feet of the frogs, and therefore, they’ll stay away.

If you have no vinegar, you can use lemon juice instead, but make sure it comes from lemons and isn’t synthetic. This type of mixture repels frogs because they hate the smell, and they’ll stay away as much as possible.

4. Create a Distraction for the Frogs

If you don’t mind frogs but don’t want them on your porch, you can create a “home” for them in another part of your yard. Choose an area that has a water source and is surrounded by tall grass, if possible.

If you see them on your porch later, you can simply relocate them to their new home. You can also place mesh netting that is fairly high by your pond/water source so the frogs can’t climb over them and wander to your porch area.

5. Make Sure Your Garden is Very Clean

Frogs love to hide, and for that, they need tall grasses and weeds. If a garden is clean and weed-free, the frogs won’t have a secluded place to hide, and they’ll leave.

If you clean your garden regularly, there will be no reason for the frogs to stay, and they’ll eventually relocate to another person’s yard and home.

It’s easier than you think to keep the garden clean as long as you do it regularly so that the work doesn’t get out of hand.

6. Use Bleach

Bleach is something frogs strive to avoid because it’s poisonous to them. All you have to do is mix one part bleach with one part water and spray your porch with it regularly.

Make sure you wear a mask and gloves before you do this because bleach can damage your skin and even your respiratory system. Also, don’t spray the mixture anywhere near any plants because it can kill them.

7. Make Sure Your Porch is Cleaned and Sealed

Keeping your porch clean and debris-free helps avoid frogs. Sweep it regularly and remove any branches or leaves and wipe it down after it rains.

Also, if you seal off any ground-level openings, frogs will have much fewer places to hide. Frogs love messy spaces and closed-in places, so keeping your porch as clean as possible at all times does a great job of keeping them away.

8. Have a Proper Drainage System

Frogs love water, and regardless of what they do during the day, they usually head back toward the water whenever they’re done.

Even if there are only puddles in your yard and not on the porch, frogs are likely to remain as close to that water as possible, which means they may eventually end up on your porch.

You certainly don’t want any puddles of water building up on your porch but keeping the entire area as dry as possible can help frogs lose interest and go somewhere else.

9. Set Up Traps

There are numerous traps for animals such as frogs that are considered humane. One is called a leghold trap and has rubber paddings that stop the frog from escaping without harming it.

The other is a catch-and-release cage that is large enough for frogs. An example of a catch-and-release cage is one called a cane catcher, and it’s made for cane frogs. If you research frog traps, you should find one that best suits your needs.

10. Consider Using Natural Repellents

If you use natural repellents, be careful because some of them—including concentrated caffeine and citric acid—will kill the frogs instead of making them uncomfortable enough to stay away.

For a natural repellent that won’t kill them, try spreading coffee grounds around the porch area to deter frogs. You can do the same with salt, but be careful because if you accidentally get salt into any of your plants, it might kill them.

11. Introduce Natural Predators

Some people may feel uncomfortable with this option, but it’s effective nonetheless. You can introduce lizards if you have small frogs you’d like to eliminate, and hawks, cats, snakes, and birds will do the same thing.

Once you figure out what type of frogs you have on your porch, you can do some research and learn what their predators are.


Having frogs on your porch is usually not fun, but there are lots of natural and humane ways to get rid of them. Bleach and lemon juice sprays work wonders, as does keeping your garden, porch, and the area around the porch extra clean. Keep in mind that it should start with learning what type of frogs you have.