Pothos Winter Care | 8 Easy Tips to Help it Survive the Cold

Pothos can thrive in winter if they are near a bright window, are given slow release fertilizer in fall and are watered once every 4 weeks. Repot large pothos before winter so they have time to establish their roots. Keep pothos happy in temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit indoors over winter.

This article will explore 8 easy tips to help your pothos survive and thrive in winter.

8 Ways to care for your pothos in winter

Here are my 8 easy tips for caring for pothos indoor and outdoors in winter.

1. Move near a bright window

You can keep the variegation in the leaves easier during the winter months if you move the pot near a bright window. My new pothos that are closest to the window in winter have developed more white areas compared to green.

As the sun moves to a higher position in winter you may need to move your pothos into an area that gets more light. Choose a kitchen window, the top of a book case near a window or a shelf. Pothos will start to point its leaves towards the light and it can keep them thriving during winter.

If the pothos plant stays too cool over winter it can cause the soil to stay wet for longer and the roots of the pothos can rot. If you notice the plant starting to wilt or turn yellow the plant could be too wet.

Reduce your watering schedule and place it near a bright window to help it dry out quicker.

2. Fertilize your pothos

Fertilizing pothos before winter is important to help it to strengthen its roots, stems and leaves before the weather turns cold. Apply a slow release fertilizer in fall so that the plant has time to absorb the nutrients before it slows its growth in winter.

You should start to see new growth in spring.

3. Repot your pothos ready for winter

Pothos can be repotted before winter to set it up to grow rapidly in spring. Before fall ends, take your pothos out of its current pot, repot it using premium potting soil in a pot that is 1-2 inches wider and deeper than its current pot.

Take your pothos outside and repot it with some fresh soil before winter arrives.

Pothos can be repotted every 2-3 years to keep it growing large and strong.

4. Water pothos once per month in winter

Slow down your watering schedule for pothos to around once per month. The soil will take longer to dry out and can be overwatered. Water the pothos over the sink and let any excess water drain out of the bottom.

Check the soil to see if it needs more water. If pothos is placed near a heat source like a fireplace or heater then it can still dry out. It is best to move it away in an area out of the way of direct heat. This will keep the pothos happy and can help to avoid any leaf damage.

5. Water with seaweed solution

Seaweed solution is the perfect addition to your pothos as it is a mild root conditioner. It will strengthen the plant and make it more resistant to colder weather and rapid temperature changes. Seaweed solution can be added to your watering can every month over fall ready for winter.

6. Pot out your pothos cuttings before winter arrives

If you are raising pothos cuttings in water it is best to plant them out before winter arrives. Wait until the pothos roots have grown 3-4 inches long or small white roots have formed on aerial roots. This usually takes 4 weeks before this happens if you are taking cuttings in fall.

Pothos will slow its growth in winter and you may not see any new leaves appear until spring. Don’t worry this is completely normal and you should see new leaves and inches of growth when the weather starts to warm.

Pothos cuttings usually take 3-4 weeks to develop roots. After that you can plant them out into good quality potting soil.

Check out this quick video for more on planting out pothos cuttings in winter.

7. Trim off any old leaves

Early winter is a great time to prepare your pothos to look great for 3 months with no other maintenance. Using sharp scissors or secateurs snip off any brown or yellowing leaves at the base of the stem. These damaged leaves will not recover and make the plant look messy.

Snip them off and your pothos will look great over winter with little other maintenance. While winter is a quiet time for pothos growth they will look green and neat for around 3 months without any other attention.

Snip off any old, yellow, brown or damaged leaves from your pothos.

8. Avoid lots of misting

To keep the pothos leaves healthy during the winter months it can be best to reduce the amount of misting on the leaves. During spring and summer misting the pothos plant can be a great way to temporarily increase the humidity for the plant it can keep the leaves wet for too long in winter.

If the leaves on the pothos stay wet for too long fungus can grow and it can cause problems. Misting is great in summer and spring but it can be better to water at the base of the plant.

Reduce misting in winter to avoid mold or fungal growth.

Can pothos survive winter?

Pothos will survive winter if you prepare it with some slow release fertilizer in fall, move it near a bright window indoors and water it each month. Pothos is a hardy plant that will green up a dull space indoors over winter.

To keep variegated pothos happy in winter make sure they get plenty of light so they can still photosynthesize. This is important for white pothos like ‘super white’.

How cold is too cold for pothos?

Pothos love a temperate climate somewhere between 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit indoors. Avoid letting the temperature drop between 50 degrees to help pothos survive a cold winter. This should be easy to achieve indoors but an outdoor pothos may need to be brought indoors if it gets too cold.

How do you water pothos in the winter?

Water pothos once per month in the winter. The soil will stay moist for longer and it is easy to overwater them. Check the soil with your finger 2 inches down if you are not sure and if it is dry you can deep water the pothos. This should keep it moist for another 4 weeks when the weather is cool.

Pothos Winter Care | Summary

Pothos are hardy plant that will easily survive a temperate winter. Bring pothos indoors if you have outdoor pothos and very cold winter. Move indoor pothos near a bright window and water them every 4 weeks. Pothos are my favorite indoor plant that will survive easily if they are watered well.

For more on watering pothos check out my previous article here: How long pothos can go without water? | Tips for 3 weeks without water