Can a ceramic pie plate go from fridge to oven? | Answered!

Ceramic pie plates can go from fridge to a preheated oven and they will be fine. Ceramic dishes conduct heat slowly so it will slowly chance temperature from cold to hot and avoid breakage. When making a pie, the pie crust can be rolled out, shaped in the ceramic pie plate and placed into the oven for blind baking.

Placing a pie crust in the fridge to set and chill and then placing it in oven will help the pie crust to cook partially ready for the next step of cooking. This common when cooking a lemon meringue pie and the pan will be fine.

This article will explore all you need to know about cooking with ceramic pie plates, what to know when moving it from cold to hot temperatures and how to get the most out of your pan.

Putting a ceramic dish from fridge to oven – Easy Hacks

Here are a few thing to know before you move your ceramic pie plate from the fridge to the oven. These will help you to protect your dish and get the best pie possible.

Choose a glazed ceramic pie dish

Ceramic dishes are usually glazed which stops the ceramic from absorbing moisture, color and smells. These are perfect for cooking both sweet and savory pies and are perfectly fine to move from the fridge to the oven.

Preheat the oven before baking a ceramic pie dish

Always preheat the oven to the desired temperature before placing a ceramic pie dish in to bake. When an oven heats up, most ovens will blast hot air far above the baking temperature. This high, rapid heat can risk the dish cracking and breaking.

Making sure the oven has heated up completely means that the ceramic dish can slowly increase in temperature and avoid breaking or suffering from thermal shock.

Avoid using dishes with scratches or marks

Any ceramic dish that has a scratch or mark may be at risk of breaking if it goes from the fridge to the oven. Even a small break can show that the ceramic dish has suffered an impact and it may have further breaks throughout the dish. This means that even a small hit or a rapid change in temperature may make the break worse.

Ceramic dishes are perfect for blind baking pie crusts for lemon meringue pies.

Benefits of ceramic pie dishes for baking from fridge to the oven

Here are the top benefits of using a ceramic pie dish for baking pies and moving from the fridge to the oven.

1. They heat slowly and evenly

Ceramic dishes will slowly increase in temperature from the fridge to the oven. This means that a pie baked in a ceramic dish is less likely to be overcooked. Glass conducts heat quickly so it will increase in temperature faster than ceramic but is more at risk of overcooking if you are not paying attention.

Ceramic pie dishes can be moved from the fridge to the oven to bake sweet and savory pies and to blind bake pie crusts.

2. Ceramic pie dishes will not suffer from thermal shock

Ceramic pie dishes conduct heat slowly so are less likely to suffer from thermal shock. This is where a substance is heated rapidly and can break, which is more likely to happen to unhardened glass.

NOTE: Pyrex dishes are made from a hardened glass that can withstand temperature changes from the fridge to the oven. For more on this, check out my article on Pyrex, Can Pyrex go from fridge to oven? | Safe Pyrex Cooking Hacks

3. Ceramic pie dishes can stand rapid temperature changes

Ceramic pie dishes are strong, heavy and can withstand the temperature changes from cold to hot. This is perfect for setting pie crusts in the fridge, and then blind baking them in an oven.

4. Ceramic pie dishes won’t shatter like glass

Another benefit of using ceramic dishes for baking pie crusts is that there is no risk the dish will shatter like glass. If a glass dish is dropped or it has a small crack, breaking can cause a huge mess. Ceramic dishes on the other hand won’t shatter.

In the worst case where a ceramic dish is broken, it is more likely to break into larger pieces and not shatter everywhere like glass.

Can I put a cold ceramic dish in a hot oven?

Cold ceramic dishes can be placed from the fridge straight into the oven. Ceramic lasagna pans, pie dishes or casserole dishes can go straight into an oven from the fridge. This means you can pre-prepare a lasagna or casserole and throw it in to the oven to reheat.

Baking pie crusts is easy with a ceramic dish because the pastry can be pre-prepared, placed into the fridge to set and is ready to go when you are ready for the final stage.

Can I put a ceramic baking dish from fridge to oven?

Ceramic baking dishes are perfect for reheating food that is stored in the fridge. You can place ceramic baking dishes straight into the oven from the fridge without worrying about it breaking. This is perfect for reheating any type of food even chicken nuggets as the pan will slowly heat up without burning the food.

Ceramic baking dishes are designed to withstand temperature changes making them perfect for baking and reheating food. Always remember to pre-heat your oven before placing a ceramic dish in to bake. This will avoid exposing the dish to very high temperatures experienced in ovens that are heating up.

Can a ceramic pie plate go from fridge to oven? | Summary

Ceramic pie plates are safe to go from the fridge to the oven. Always pre-heat the oven to the desired temperature before placing any ceramic dish inside. Ceramic pie plates are perfect for blind baking pie crusts for a classic lemon meringue pie. Ceramic dishes are heavy, hardy and will heat up slowly protecting them from breakage.

Happy cooking.