Does Yogurt Contain Gelatin? | 10 Varieties that are Gelatin Free

Not all yogurt contains gelatin which is used as a thickener and to reduce the separation of curds and whey. Many yogurt varieties use pectin instead of gelatin which is a vegetarian option and is derived from fruit. This thickens the yogurts without being derived from animals.

It is important to know which yogurt to choose if you are vegetarian. This article will explore the most popular yogurt brands and whether or not they contain gelatin.

Gelatin Content of Yogurt Brands*

Yogurt BrandVarietyGelatin
ChobaniAll flavorsNo gelatin
Farmers UnionGreek yogurt, natural pot set, lactose free, pouch yogurt, flavoredNo gelatin
GoGo squeeZ yogurtZAll flavorsNo gelatin
YoplaitMinigo, Tubes, Yop, Source, Creamy, Greek, Kid Cup, originalNo gelatin
OikosTriple zero, blended, proNo gelatin
Siggi’sAll flavors, pouchesNo gelatin
VoskosAll flavorsNo gelatin
ActiviaProbiotic drinks, probiotic smoothie, Greek yogurt, probiotic yogurt with fiberNo gelatin
DannonPlain yogurt, yogurt licuado, creamy  No gelatin
StonyfieldWhole milk smooth and creamy, yobaby pouch, kids low fat tubesNo gelatin
VaaliaAll flavorsNo gelatin
YoplaitDunkaroos, Go-gurt, lactose free, light, whipsContains gelatin
ActiviaFruit flavored, 60 Calorie, diary free, lowfat yogurtContains gelatin
DannonFruit on the bottom, blended, smoothiesContains gelatin

*The information on this page was accurate at the time the page was last edited. Consumers should review the product information and packaging before consuming for the most up to date information. Product recipes change often, so check before you eat.

Is yogurt vegetarian?

Yogurt varieties that do not contain gelatin are vegetarian. These yogurts are usually thickened using pectin which is an extract from fruit.

This same pectin is used to naturally thicken jams. Many brands have products that contain gelatin and others that don’t. Drinking yogurt and smoothie yogurt blends usually do not contain gelatin as they do not need to be thickened.

Yogurt that does not contain gelatin will be vegetarian. Greek yogurt is naturally thick and set with milk, cream and cultures.

Greek yogurt will not need the added gelatin as they are naturally thick due to the straining process.

All flavors of Chobani, Farmers Union GoGo Squeeze, Stonyfield Oikos, Siggis and Voskos do not contain gelatin and are vegetarian.

tin.Chobani yogurt does not contain gela

Why gelatin is added to yogurt

Gelatin is an extract that comes from animals. It is extracted from the skin or bones of animals. The gelatin used in yogurt usually comes from cows or pigs. It is processed so that there is no taste but it works to thicken the yogurt and to prevent separation.

Gelatin is used in yogurt to prevent the curds and the whey in yogurt from separating as well as making the yogurt to taste deliciously creamy.

Make through the break down of collagen protein from animal parts including skin and bone. If you have ever cooked animal bones and noticed as jelly like substance come out then this is gelatin.

What can be used instead of gelatin to thicken yogurt

Pectin which is derived from fruit can be used instead of gelatin.  Gelatin is added to lots of products and is a major ingredient in original jelly recipes. This is a natural fruit extract and is therefore suitable for those following a vegetarian diet.

Yogurts that do not contain gelatin

All varieties of Farmers Union yogurts, GoGo SqueeZ, Stonyfield, Oikos, Siggi’s and Voskos do not contain gelatin. Yoplait minigo, kid cup and original flavors do not contain gelatin. Dannon plain varieties, yogurt licuado smoothies and creamy do not contain gelatin.

Activia yogurt varieties including their probiotic drinks, smoothies, Greek yogurt and probiotic yogurt with fiber do not contain gelatin.

Yogurts that contain gelatin

Some brands have specific varieties of yogurt that contain gelatin. These include Yoplait where their Dunkaroos, Go-gurt, lactose free light and whip varieties all contain gelatin.

Activia yogurt varieties including the fruit flavored, 60 calorie, dairy free and lowfat yogurt all contain gelatin.

Dannon yogurt varieties including the fruit at the bottom and blended varieties all contain gelatin. These are thick and creamy yogurts with added gelatin which helps with this thickness.

Does Chobani yogurt have gelatin?

Chobani yogurt flavors do not contain gelatin. They instead contain pectin to thicken the yogurt.

Does Greek yogurt contain gelatin?

Greek yogurt does not contain gelatin because the straining process will help to naturally thicken the yogurt. Gelatin is added mainly as a thickener but removing the whey through straining is another way to thicken the yogurt.

During my research I found no Greek yogurt varieties containing gelatin.

Does probiotic yogurt contain gelatin?

Activia probiotic yogurt varieties including Fruit flavored, 60 Calorie, diary free, lowfat yogurt all contain gelatin. While other Activia probiotic varieties including probiotic drinks, probiotic smoothie, Greek yogurt, probiotic yogurt with fiber did not contain gelatin.

Whether or not the yogurt is labelled as probiotic does not determine whether or not it contains gelatin. This is related to whether the company has chosen to thicken the yogurt through straining, the addition of pectin or by adding gelatin.

Does muller yogurt contain gelatin?

Muller yogurt does not contain gelatin, instead it uses pectin to thicken the yogurt. This is a vegetarian option as it does not contain animal derived gelatin.

Does Yogurt Contain Gelatin? | Summary

Some yogurt varieties will contain gelatin to thicken the yogurt and to prevent it from separating as it is stored. Pectin is a vegetarian alternative to gelatin that is used by many brands in their yogurt varieties. Look out for Greek yogurt if you want to avoid gelatin as it will be naturally thickened through the straining process.

Yogurt companies change their recipes all the time so it is always best to read the label before consuming if you want to avoid gelatin. This will be listed on the ingredients list so that you can know for sure.