How to store beeswax wraps | Top 7 places

Beeswax wraps can be stored in your cupboard, kitchen drawers, inside jars or containers. When storing your beeswax wraps make sure they are perfectly clean and choose a sealed container for extra protection. Place them in a cute basket on your kitchen bench or in a plastic container in your drawers.

This article will explore the top 8 places to store your beeswax wraps as well as my top tips to keep beeswax wraps in good condition for longer.

Top 7 places to store beeswax wraps

  1. Kitchen drawers
  2. Plastic containers
  3. Metal containers
  4. Pyrex or glass containers
  5. Cookie boxes
  6. In a basket
  7. Original packaging
  8. Jars

Here are my top 8 places to store beeswax wraps at home and how to do so safely.

Kitchen drawers

Store your beeswax wraps in your kitchen drawers alongside your tea towels. You can also make room in the drawer that you store baking paper and other wraps and bags. I like to line my drawers with a dish cloth to keep it clean. These cloths can be taken out and washed to make sure the beeswax wraps stay clean.

Fold the beeswax wraps up into small squares. They will fold in any place that you choose so wash them thoroughly, dry them well and fold them to store in your drawers. They can be left on your drying rack to dry and then folded.

Plastic containers

Reusable plastic containers are a great way to keep your beeswax wraps fresh and clean. Choose a BPA free plastic and one that seals well. Wash the container thoroughly first and you can easily store 4-5 beeswax wraps in a small container and more than 10 if you have a larger container.

Metal containers

Metal containers are one of my favorite storage methods for leftovers and beeswax wraps. Choose a good quality stainless steel container with a resealable lid. This container has a plastic lid but metal bento box will also work well if you like a full metal container.

Pyrex or glass containers

Glass containers are a great way to store beeswax wraps. Pyrex borosilicate glass is strong and comes with a strong, tight fitting lid. Small pyrex containers work well for a few beeswax wraps and can be stacked in your cupboard with other dry ingredients.

Cookie boxes

Leftover cooking boxes from festive treats are a great way to store beeswax wraps. Wash them thoroughly after you have finished the cookies and dry them well. These metal containers will hold beeswax wraps side by side and can be closed to keep them clean.

In a basket

Kitchen baskets that sit on your bench next to your fruit bowl are a great way to keep beeswax wraps. The wraps do not need to be sealed so if you want an easy grab way to keep your wraps this might be the one for you.

Original packaging

Keeping beeswax wraps in their original packaging until you are ready to use them for the first time will not harm them in any way. They usually come in recyclable cardboard folded thinly. I have kept mine in the packaging for weeks until I was ready to use them.

You can return the beeswax wraps to their original packaging a few times over. Make sure the wraps are cleaned in warm soapy water gently and dried well before folding them up for storage.


Glass mason jars are a great way to store beeswax wraps. Roll them up and place them inside the clean jar and close the lid. These look cute sitting on your kitchen bench and are easy to reach. Put them away in your pantry or keep them out for a stylish look.

Tips for storing your beeswax wraps

Here are my top tips for successfully storing your beeswax wraps to keep them in good condition for a long time.

Wash them thoroughly

After using beeswax wraps take care to wash them thoroughly. Use a sponge or cloth that has been dipped in warm, soapy water to gently wipe them clean. Avoid submerging the wraps to avoid melting the wax. Also avoid water that is too hot as this can also melt the wax.

Do not leave them in the fridge for too long

Avoid leaving the beeswax wraps in the fridge covering food for too long. Fresh meals should be covered for 2-3 days and then removed from the fridge. Any longer and the wraps can absorb color and smells from the food.

Store them flat or rolled

Storing beeswax wraps folded flat or rolled neatly is a great way to keep them in good condition. The less folds you put in your wrap the better they will keep. Folds in the beeswax will put marks and bends in the wraps. Although they will come out it is much easier to use the wraps if they are flat.

Keeping them sealed

Keeping beeswax wraps sealed will help to keep them clean. Choose a sealed container if you are placing them inside a cupboard or line the base of your drawer. Keeping dust off the wraps is important if you are placing them on food. If they have been stored for a long time without being covered it is best to give them a wash before using them.

Store them dry

Before storing your beeswax wraps make sure they are completely dry. After washing the wraps let them dry flat on a dish tray or use a clean tea towel to wipe them dry.

Any droplets of water can cause bacteria or mold to grow.

Final Tip: Beeswax wraps always come with instructions so check the back of the pack to see how the creators recommend the wraps are stored.

How to store beeswax wraps | Summary

Beeswax wraps are a great way to store food without using plastic. To keep them in the best condition wash them well before storing and make sure they are dry. Choose a sealed container to keep them clean or place them in a lined drawer. A clear, glass jar is a great way to display your wraps and make them easy to reach in your kitchen.