15 Plants with Pink Flowers and Green Leaves (with Pictures!)

If you are looking for a great plant for your yard with pink flowers and green leaves check out plectranthus, African daisies, camellias, bougainvillea, crepe myrtle, hydrangea and pig face. Check out this article for 15 great plants you can grow at home that have beautiful pink flowers and green leaves.

1. Salvia

Salvia are a drought hardy plant that will flower all the way from spring into fall. They come in so many varieties including pink.

My pastel pink salvia growing nicely in the corner of my yard.

My new salvia has soft pink flowers. Plant them in full sun and allow them to dry out slightly between each watering. Overwatering salvia can cause them to develop black or brown leaves.

2. Camellia

Deep pink Camellia

Camellia are beautiful plant that can be kept trimmed into small shrubs, can be grown close together as a hedge or allowed to grow into a natural tree shape. Camellias will flower through fall and winter and offers great contrast against the deep green leaves.

They will attract birds and bees to your yard and is a good way to increase pollination rates of winter fruit like oranges and mandarins.

3. Plectranthus

My beautiful pink plectranthus flowering in fall.

Plectranthus are my new favorite plants and they can come with pink flowers and beautiful green leaves. They are easy to grow and need minimal watering. They grow long flower stems from summer into fall. Old flowers can be easily snapped off by hand to encourage new blooms.

My pink plectranthus is the feature of my yard in fall and adds a great contrast against the deep green leaves.

4. Zinnia

Zinnias come in a range of colors including bright pink.

Zinnias are one of the most beautiful easy to grow bright pink flowers to grow over summer. The can be scatter sown by seed in spring or raise into small seedlings in trays before being planted out into your garden beds. I am growing hot pink zinnias this year but they also come in light pink for a more subtle accent.

5. African daisy

African daisies are super easy to grow, they are drought hardy and are cheap to buy. You can get them in trays of small seedlings or larger plants. They grow fast so start small and let them grow into the space.

African daisies come in a range of colors including hot pink, dark pink and light pinks. You can even get plants that produce multiple flower colors.

6. Petunias

My beautiful pink petunias

Petunias are a great annual flower that grow well from spring into summer. Pansies have been selected for their color over many years and there are a variety of pink pansies available. Pansies can grow in small bushes or as ground covers. Plant them in a raised garden bed so they can spill over the edge.

7. Viola and Pansies

Pansies are a beautiful flower to grow over winter to brighten up a sunny corner of your yard. They are easy to grow by seedling and can be plugged into any space that needs the color pink.

Cute little viola faces.

Viola are beautiful small pansies that are cute and long flowering. They can be planted in fall to provide winter color and look great against their bright green leaves.

8. Begonia

Begonias have been popping up in my front yard everywhere after they were planted by the previous owner. They grow easily from cuttings and grow waxy green leaves and deep or light pink flowers. The flowers appear over spring, summer and into fall in mild weather.

9. Strawberries

Strawberries come in many varieties including ones with pink flowers. They will still produce strawberries but you get the bonus of the beautiful flowers before they do. Pink flowering strawberries look great planted on rocky borders and will flower profusely through spring and summer.

10. Hibiscus

Pink hibiscus are great for tropical and sub-tropical gardens surviving on rainwater and with regular trimming. They produce beautiful pink flowers that add a great accent to a tropical green garden. They have light green leaves and grow well in full sun.

11. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas might be some of the most spectacular flowering plants you can grow. They grow huge, pink flowers if they are grown in alkaline soil above a pH of 7.0. You can use a pH soil test kit to work out if your soil is alkaline at home. Add garden lime to increase the pH of your soil above 7 to grow pink hydrangeas.

Note: If your soil pH is below 7.0 hydrangeas will become blue.

12. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea grow long stems, usually with spines that develop pink bracts which surround the tiny flowers. These bracts come a range of pinks including hot pink, magenta and light pink. Bougainvillea have deep green leaves and grow well as a screening plant.

They can lose their leaves in winter cold climates or if they experience temperature shock. They are hardy plants and will but burst back into life with new leaves and flowers in spring.

13. Star jasmine

Star jasmine is a great screening plant that will climb up with long tendrils to cover a screen or fence. Their flowers will start off deep pink on the outside and then will open up to be white or light pink. I have planted start jasmine to cover a deep gray screen which looks great against the green leaves and pink flowers.

14. Pig face (Carpobrotus glaucescens)

Pig face is a hardy succulent that has green banana shaped leaves and pink flowers. They are great in rockeries or on the edge of a garden bed that gets lots of sun and dries out quickly. They are easily grown by cutting and you can simply break a piece off, push it into moist soil and get a new plant.

15. Senetti

Senetti can come in a variety of colors including bright and light pink and are available in most nurseries in spring. These bright daisies will continue to produce flowers in spring finishing in summer. They can be pruned back to produce a second flush of pink flowers at the end of spring.

These need a good amount of water and protection from the afternoon heat. Provide them with afternoon shade and they will thrive

15 Plants with Pink Flowers and Green Leaves | Summary

There are loads of plants with pink flowers and green leaves. This article covers 15 of my favorites that are easy to grow and perfect for beginner and experienced gardeners alike. Bright or deep green leaves allow the pink flowers to stand out and become a feature in your garden over the cooler and warmer months.