Does star jasmine have invasive roots?

Star jasmine do not have invasive roots but grow quickly and their roots will reflect the top growth of the tree. Star jasmine roots can grow deeply to reach deep ground water and is therefore tolerant to dry conditions. Star jasmine will grow rapidly in spring and summer and slow its growth in winter. Star jasmine can be grown in pots to contain the root system in your yard.

Keeping star jasmine away from house foundations and pipes is the best way to keep your foundation safe. While star jasmine will not invade in the same way that a fig or bay laurel tree will, to be on the safe side give it the same space for the root system as you would for the canopy.

This article will explore all you need to know about star jasmine root systems so you can keep your plant healthy and avoid it sending roots out to the wrong spot.

Top facts about star jasmine root systems

Star jasmine roots will reflect the top growth

The outer edge of the roots will be a similar distance from the base as the outer edges of the top growth. Star jasmine has started out its growth slowly at my house but now the spring is here it has grown rapidly.

Star jasmine can grow 20 feet or more

Star jasmine can grow into a huge shrub extending as tall as 20 feet or even bigger. A huge shrub will need a huge root system to support it so make sure there is the room for a big root system if you plan on growing your star jasmine to full size.

Most star jasmine varieties will stay around 4-6 feet with regular pruning and can actually make a beautiful hedge or screening plant to cover a fence or screen.

Deep roots for drought tolerance

Star jasmine are the perfect plant once they are established for areas that get random dry spells. Once the plant has established it will send down roots deep into the ground to reach deep damp soil. This will mean that during spells of warm weather where the surface soil dries out a star jasmine will be fine getting its water from deeper down.

Keep them pruned to keep their roots contained

While star jasmine can reach out far and wide growing into a huge shrub you can also keep them pruned small. This will also work to contain their roots as they will not need a huge root system to maintain their leaves and flowers.

Jasmine grown as groundcovers will spread out quickly and their roots will spread too. These are not a particularly invasive species and can be controlled easily with regular pruning. Do this to keep them dense and bushy.

My small star jasmine plant that I keep small and trimmed.

How to support a healthy star jasmine root system

Keeping the leaves, flowers,, stems and roots healthy is important for a long lasting plant that looks beautiful all year round. Here are my top tips for a healthy star jasmine root system to grow a healthy plant with lots of flowers.

Water deeply

The first step to creating a healthy star jasmine is to water the plant deeply. Rather than applying a small amount of water each day give your star jasmine a long deep water less regularly.

In fall and winter star jasmine will only need to be watered up to once a week depending on rain fall. A long deep water with your hose once a week will send water down to the deepest roots and encourage the plant to send down roots to reach lower ground water in between.

In summer check your star jasmine and water it 2 times per week. I like to water all of my garden in the morning to give the soil a chance to absorb the water and dry out a little before night. This also helps to avoid fungal infections on the leaves due to water sitting on them for long periods of time.

Mulch with bark chips

Mulching star jasmine with bark chips is the perfect way to create a healthy root system. A 2 inch coverage of bark chips will help with water retention, will keep weeds away and feed soil bacteria and worms.

Worms will work their way up from deeper soil to the surface to eat the bark chips and soil bacteria creating small air pockets and allowing the worms roots to spread out easily. Soil that contains lots of organic matter is perfect for star jasmine as it will provide good drainage and avoid root rot.

Fertilize with pelleted chicken manure

Add a natural fertilizer like pelleted chicken manure to star jasmine in spring and fall to help with leaf, stem and root growth. Chicken manure pellets have a good balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium perfect for feeding your jasmine in the warmer months.

Chicken manure will also feed the worms and soil bacteria creating a balanced soil mix for your star jasmine to grow a healthy root system.

Growing star jasmine in a pot

Growing star jasmine in a pot is the perfect solution if you are concerned with it taking over your yard. While it is not particularly invasive you can easily keep it to the size you want and keep the roots contained in a pot.

Simply use a good quality all-purpose potting soil with added slow release fertilizer. This will keep your star jasmine happy for around 2 months where you can add some more pelleted chicken manure to keep it growing strong.

Do star jasmine have invasive roots? | Summary

Star jasmine do not have particularly invasive roots but it is best to keep it away from your house foundations or pipes if you are concerned. I will be keeping my star jasmine well pruned and have planted it in a raised area of soil to give it more room to grow its roots.

Star jasmine are a hardy shrub and with a bit of water over the warmer months and a regular prune you will have a beautiful dense shrub or the perfect climber to cover your screen.