Chicken manure pellets on lawns | Amazing results from natural fertilizer

Pelleted chicken manure is a perfect natural fertilizer for lawns and is an easy way to avoid fertilizer burn. Chicken manure is a natural substance that releases slowly a natural range of nutrients. Pelleted chicken manure is aged, compressed and easy to apply.

Pelleted chicken manure is used regularly in turf farms as an organic nitrogen boost for new growing lawns. It is the easiest way to apply chicken manure to your lawn at home without the risk of nitrogen burn because the manure is aged and partly broken down.

This article will explore how to apply chicken manure safely to lawns, when is the best time to apply and the benefits of chicken manure pellets for your lawn’s growth.

How to use chicken manure pellets on lawn (3 easy steps)

There are three easy steps to follow to add chicken manure to your lawn to boost the growth, green color and avoid burning the plant.

Step 1: Clean and dethatch the lawn

The first step before fertilizing your lawn in spring is to dethatch the lawn after the winter’s growth. Simply take a metal rake and pull across the top of the lawn. This will lift any dead lawn pieces that are still laying on the surface to give the new lawn stems room to grow.

Rake off any of the thatch that you have removed and leftover fall leaves still on the lawn and put them in your compost.

Step 2: Measure out the right amount of pelleted chicken manure

Pelleted chicken manure comes in bags that are a range of sizes. I have used a tiny bag for my small lawn but you will need to add around a handful for 4 square feet. I like to use a small trowel to sprinkle over the manure to make it easy.

You can also look into getting a fertilizer spreader for larger lawns to make it easier on you. Handheld spreaders are easy to find and mean that you don’t actually need to touch the fertilizer.

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Step 3: Water the lawn well

The important step that you need to finish with is watering the pelleted chicken manure in well. It is best to add the chicken manure to the lawn in the morning and water it in well before the hot sun comes out in the afternoon.

This will avoid the pelleted chicken manure sitting on the lawn leaves and causing burn. While the risk of burn is low, it is best to always water the fertilizer in straight away to wash it into the ground. This will star the break down process well.

When to apply pelleted chicken manure to lawns

Spring and start of summer

The beginning of spring when the weather begins to warm is the perfect time to apply pelleted chicken manure to your lawn. Lawns will come out of hibernation in spring, adding new growth and brightening up for the new season.

Add another dose of pelleted chicken manure to your lawn at the end of spring or start of summer to feed it throughout the rest of the season. This will give it enough energy to grow over the warmer months.

For a rampantly growing lawn, pelleted chicken manure can be added every 6 weeks for a boost of nutrients to grow an epic lawn.

In the morning

Add pelleted chicken manure to the lawn in the morning and water it in before the weather heats up too much. Dry chicken manure can burn the lawn tips if it is left on in the heat. Water the manure in well to wash it down to the soil level.

Why chicken manure pellets are good for lawns

Here are the top reasons why pelleted chicken manure pellets are good for lawns and why I love them on my lawn at home.


Pelleted chicken manure is a fantastic, low cost organic option for lawn fertilizer at home. It is easy to apply, slow release and will feed the soil bacteria and worms. It does smell for around a day so prepare yourself for this.

For more on how to stop organic fertilizer from smelling check out my previous article here: How to get rid of fertilizer smell | 4 Top Tips

Low weed seed count

Pelleted chicken manure is an easy way to add manure to your lawn without adding weed seeds. The manure is aged, compressed and any weed seeds will have been killed off in the process. This also reduces the risk of burning the lawn with excess nitrogen.

Easy to apply

Pelleted chicken manure is easy to apply  to your lawn by hand or with a fertilizer spreader. It is compact, simple and easy to add to your lawn or nearby garden beds at the same time.

I use this all over my garden including vegetables which makes it easy to fertilize everything at the same time.

Improves the soil

The pelleted chicken manure will improve the soil for your lawn as well as feeding it. This will add organic matter to the soil, helps with water holding capacity and feeds soil bacteria and worms which will aerate the soil.

Chicken manure pellets on lawns | Summary

Chicken manure pellets work perfectly on lawns and will slowly release a mix of nutrients to your lawn and soil. Organic chicken manure pellets are a simple way to feed your lawn without adding synthetic fertilizers.

Beware that this fertilizer can smell for the first day but water it in well and the smell will be gone in no time. Use pelleted chicken manure on your lawn, vegetables and citrus trees all at the same time and you will have a bright green garden.