Are Pyrex Containers Oven Safe? | Everything You Need to Know

Pyrex containers are oven safe if the oven is preheated. Make sure the oven is heated to your desired temperature before placing Pyrex containers inside otherwise you risk breaking the glass. Plastic or silicone lids on Pyrex dishes are not oven safe but lids made from toughened glass are fine in the oven.

This article will cover everything you need to know about using your Pyrex dishes in the oven to cook, reheat and store your food later.

My delicious lasagna baked in my Pyrex dish in the oven.

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How to know if your Pyrex is oven safe

When you first buy your Pyrex, the words “Oven safe” will be written on the packaging and this may be the last time you read this. This is not always marked on the container but modern Pyrex is fine in the oven.

Pyrex dishes made from toughened glass are oven safe as long as they are in good condition, have no chips or breaks and have been made recently. I would not use vintage Pyrex in the oven myself as the risk of breakage is higher.

Always preheat your oven when using Pyrex to avoid the extreme heat of the oven while it heats up. Most modern ovens will blast hot air into the oven at much higher temperatures than the set temperature to rapidly heat it up. This hot air can damage your Pyrex or cause a break in the process.

I use my Pyrex dishes to bake macaroni and cheese, lasagna and nachos all the time. I always keep my oven on a slightly lower temperature than when I am baking in ceramic dishes as the glass of the Pyrex conducts heat quickly and cooks my dishes quicker.

Lids for Pyrex dishes are not always oven safe so you need to check first. If the lid is plastic or made from bendy silicone then they will not be oven safe. Only use Pyrex lids made fully from toughened glass in the oven. If you are unsure, always keep the lid out of the oven to avoid it melting or bubbling.

Best oven temperatures for Pyrex dishes

Pyrex dishes are safe in the oven up to 300 degrees Celsius or to any temperature that your home oven will reach. There are rarely dishes that we will cook above this temperature but the key is to always preheat your oven first.

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How to know a Pyrex container is oven safe

Container material

Pyrex containers are oven safe because they are made from a heat-proof, durable toughened glass. This glass is made tough, will withstand high oven temperatures as long as the oven is preheated and is perfect for baking cakes, pasta and delicious nachos.

Glass conducts heat fast so will heat up in your oven rapidly, cooking your food quickly. Because of this I like to drop the temperature of my oven 10-15 degrees to allow for the added heat and reduce the risk of burning my cakes or the edges of my pasta dishes.

Pyrex is a durable, tough and containers are oven safe without their lids. For more on using the lids in the oven, keep reading.

Age of the container and damage

Pyrex has been around for many years and there are collectors with prized Pyrex collections in their cupboards. While I love vintage crockery you will need to take care if you are using older Pyrex in the oven. The process for making the glass has changed and over time it can lose its strength.

Older Pyrex can also suffer damage over time with almost impact causing the glass to lose its strength. I would not use vintage Pyrex in the oven to avoid any risk of breaking and would only use new Pyrex without any visible damage.

Lid type

The last thing to check before putting your Pyrex in the oven is the type of lid it comes with. Pyrex will generally come with a silicone, plastic or glass lid and only the glass lid is oven safe.

Clear glass lids that come with Pyrex are oven safe and can be used to top your food as you cook it. This can protect lasagna and prevent cheese from burning during the first part of the cook or act like a mini oven when cooking bread.

Plastic or silicone lids

Blue or colored plastic or soft silicone lids are not oven safe. These will melt and bubble in the oven. Once the dish has cooled you can use these lids to cover the food and once it has cooled the plastic lid can be placed on top to store it in the fridge or freezer.

Putting Pyrex Containers in the Oven – FAQ

Can Pyrex go in a 450 degree oven?

Pyrex can go in a 450 degree (Fahrenheit) oven or 232 degree Celsius oven if your recipe requires it.  These oven temperatures are often needed to bake bread or to rapidly bake a pizza. Pyrex will withstand these temperatures as long as the container is in good condition and you are not using a plastic or silicone lid.

Can Pyrex containers go in the oven at 350 Fahrenheit?

Pyrex containers can go in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit if the oven is preheated. While the oven is preheating it will blast hot air above 350 degrees to heat the oven rapidly. This can damage the Pyrex if it is placed in the oven while it is heating up. Once the oven it has reached the desired temperature, glass Pyrex containers can be placed inside to bake foods such as cakes, lasagna and meatloaf.

My homemade macaroni and cheese baked in Pyrex in the oven.

Are Pyrex containers oven safe? | Summary

Pyrex containers are oven safe at home up to 300 degrees Celsius as long as you pre-heat your oven. Using the toughened glass in the oven is safe as long as there are no chips, breaks or damage to the container. Only use glass lids in the oven as the other plastic and silicone lids are not oven safe.

Once the meal has cooled you can place the plastic or silicone lid straight on the Pyrex container and store it in your fridge or freezer.

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