Can You Put a Microwave on a Fridge? | 6 Things to Know

You can put a microwave on a fridge first consider the height of your fridge, microwave wattage, power connection and weight of the microwave is important. Large, heavy microwaves can cause a dent in the soft flexible metal top of the fridge and height can be a problem.

This article will explore what you should consider before putting your microwave on top of your fridge.

What to know before you find a home for your microwave.

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What to know before putting a microwave on a fridge

Here are the top things to consider before placing a microwave on top of your fridge.

1. Consider the height of your fridge

The most important consideration before you decide to put your microwave on your fridge is how high it will be. Placing your microwave so you have to lift hot bowls of food above your head is a bad idea.

It can be very difficult to safely move hot bowls of food above your eye level. Even using a small step can be a problem as you will need to carefully maneuver yourself up and down holding the food. Both are a bad idea so a lower option for your microwave certainly better.

Check out this video for some different microwave location options.

This can work if you are placing your microwave on top of a bar fridge. The fridge is lower so you won’t be lifting the bowl of hot food dangerously above your head. but a regular sized fridge can be around 6 foot and therefore above most people’s eye level.

Make it easier to reach your microwave by using a microwave cart.

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2. Make sure you have enough plugs

Connecting a fridge and a microwave together in the same power outlet can be a problem as they will have to share the outlet. If they have their own outlet this can be fine because they won’t fight for wattage. Fridges turn on and off and microwaves draw a lot of power so sharing a point can cause problems.

3. Think about the weight of the microwave

Huge, heavy microwaves can be a problem when placed on the top of fridges. Fridges can have a thin metal top which can be pushed down when a heavy microwave is placed on top.

Microwaves of the 80’s and 90’s were made tough but were also large, heavy machines. These will be difficult to lift on top of the fridge in the first place because they are large and awkward but might cause a dent in the top of your fridge on the long run.

4. Consider ventilation

Ventilation around the microwave and the fridge is really important. If you have a fridge that is tightly packed into a small space adding a microwave on top can reduce the air circulation.

Both the fridge and the microwave perform best when there is room for air ventilation around them. The fridge will release heat which relies on air movement to disperse and remove it from the area. Placing a microwave on top of the fridge can stop the air from moving well and can stop the fridge from cooling as well.

5. Make sure you can see the controls

The other problem with placing a microwave on top of the fridge is your ability to clearly see the controls, time and checking the food. Peeking in and looking at the top of the food is a good way to see if it looks hot enough, if stem is coming off or if it is making a mess in your microwave.

To make it easy for everyone to use, a microwave lower down will make it easier to figure out what you are pressing.

6. Microwaves will be more difficult to clean

Microwaves that are placed up high are also more difficult to clean. Looking inside to see where food has escaped and splashed all over your microwave is an important step to keep it food safe.

Food that has splashed around can bake on even hotter as the microwave is used again. A microwave that is easy to look into will make it easier to regularly clean and reach all of the areas where food can get stuck.

Getting a microwave without a turntable is a great way to make it easier for you to clean. Our last microwave does not have a turntable and can be cleaned by simply wiping with a warm damp cloth.

For more on the benefits of microwaves that don’t spin: check out my previous article here.

Other places to put a microwave

While placing a microwave in a perfectly designed ‘microwave spot’ is the ideal this is not always possible. I have lived in many houses where the microwave had to sit on a bench so I can reach it. While not all houses have the space to fit a microwave on the bench there are some other options.

1. A moveable cart

A movable kitchen cart is a handy addition and can also be a great home for your microwave. Move it out of the way and plug it in when you need it. You can also fill it with other kitchen ‘stuff’ like cook books or plates.

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2. On top of a mini fridge

You can take a leaf out of the motel playbook and place your microwave on a minifridge. If they can connect to their own power outlet this will be even better.

Can you put a microwave on a fridge? | Summary

While you can put a microwave on a fridge it can end up quite high and really difficult to see into. Placing it lower down or on a mini fridge will work. Make sure you can safely see inside the microwave and you are not lifting hot food above eye level.

A movable cart might be a great option if you don’t use your microwave too often or have other kitchen stuff to store.