Can mulch go bad? | How to fix moldy mulch

Mulch can go bad if it is damp and left in bags. Mulch can smell and turn rancid but is easy to fix. Empty the bag of mulch out into an open area or on a tarp. Use a rake to spread the mulch out and the rain and sun … Read more

Mulch strawberries with leaves | Tips and Tricks

Mulching strawberries with shredded fall leaves is an easy and free way to protect your strawberries over the winter months. Fall leaves can be collected for free and shredded with a mower or mulching leaf blower to help the leaves break down. Using whole fall leaves to mulch strawberries will … Read more

How to mulch around mature trees | 7 Must Know Benefits

Mulch around mature trees by placing a 2-3 inch layer of natural bark mulch around the tree’s root zone. Cover the soil with a natural mulch to stop weeds, stop water from evaporating from the soil and to improve the soil over time. Keep mulch 2-3 inches away from tree … Read more

Mulch over leaves | Should you do it?

Mulch over small amounts of fall leaves and they will break down over Winter and Spring and add organic matter to your soil. Large amounts of fall leaves should be shredded before being added back to garden beds as mulch or added to a compost bin to break down and … Read more

Mulching strawberries with wood chips | How to Guide

Wood chips can be a great alternative to straw to mulch strawberries. It will protect the strawberries from touching soil and keep them clean. Wood chips will stay in place in windy areas and will prevent weeds from growing between your strawberry plants. Wood chips can be used around strawberry … Read more

Mulching Wet Leaves | 5 Must Know Tips

Wet leaves are more difficult to mulch with a mower as they will stick in the blades and if left there, can cause rust or clog your mower. Leave wet leaves to dry out in your garden bed or rake them up and place them on your lawn to dry … Read more

Mulching in Winter | Top 3 Tips + Success Hacks

Mulching in winter is important to protect plant roots, soil and microbes from cold weather. The Top 3 tips to mulch successfully in winter is to use bark chips for large, open areas, lay mulch before rain and lay it a maximum of 3 inches thick to allow rain to … Read more