Can I put more than one pothos in a pot? | Simple How-to-Guide

You can successfully grow more than one pothos cutting in a pot together. You can grow 3 cuttings successfully in a small, 5 inch pot and up to 5 cuttings in a 7 inch pot. You can also successfully grow different types of pothos in the same pot and keep them trimmed to share the space.

There are some tips and tricks for growing more than one pothos in a pot that I have discovered. This article will explore how to keep multiple pothos growing well in one space so you can grow a lush display in a single pot.

Grow multiple pothos in the same pot for a full display of indoor greenery.

How to grow more than one pothos cutting in a pot

Here are my top tips for growing pothos cuttings in a pot together. After successfully doing this at home many times I am keen to share my experience to help you to do the same at home.

This pothos plant has 3 cuttings grown in the same pot.

Grow cuttings in a jar first

The first step to successfully grow more than one pothos in a pot is to sprout cuttings in water first. Trim off a 5 inch piece of stem from the end of a stem. Doing this in spring will give you the fastest root growth. The plant will love the warmth and will be ready to grow new roots.

Remove the bottom sets of leaves on the pothos leaving 2-4 leaves on top. Place the cutting in a clean jar of water with at least the bottom 3-4 inches covered in water.

This cutting has been growing in water and is ready to be planted out.

Place the jar near a bright window in your kitchen and wait for around 3-4 weeks. Replace the water every week and add a dash of liquid plant fertilizer every 2 weeks for an extra nitrogen boost.

Transfer the cuttings when roots have formed

When roots have grown in the water to at least 3-4 inches long you can transfer your pothos to a pot. Make sure the roots have grown well before transplanting to make sure the plant can grow quickly when it is planted out into soil.

Plant into potting soil in a 5 inch pot

Fill a clean pot with good quality potting soil ready for your pothos. You can then use a small stick to create 3 holes for your pothos cuttings. A 5 inch pot will happily hold 3 new pothos cuttings.

You can also place a small amount of soil in the bottom of the pot, place the cuttings in the pot and then backfill with soil. Water the pothos cuttings well. Place the pot in a sink to allow the extra water to drain through.

These pots are the perfect size for multiple cuttings or plants.

You can then place the pot inside an indoor pot (without drainage holes) or place it on a pot tray to catch any drips. Water the cuttings regularly for the first 2 weeks. Water every 3 days to start them off well.

For more details about growing pothos in water check out my article: Does pothos grow faster in water or soil? | Tips for fast growing pothos

Tips for growing different types of pothos in a pot

You can grow different types of pothos in the same pot if you want to fill it out or combine pothos with different colors.

Different pothos species can have different growth habits with some growing larger leaves or quicker growth. To account for this here are my top tips for growing different pothos species in the same pot.

These ‘giant’ pothos can grow quickly so try growing up a grow pole or stake.

Prune regularly

When you combine different pothos plants together you can find that sometimes one will grow faster than the other. Non-variegated pothos tend to grow quicker than variegated or N-Joy pothos that has white variegation.

This can be accounted for by regular pruning. If the green pothos takes over, simply take some sharp scissors or clean secateurs and trim off the extra pothos stems that are getting in the way of the other plant.

Try a stake to grow pothos upright

Another great way to grow multiple pothos plants in the same pot is to use a growing stick and grow one of the plants upright. These poles that are covered with coconut coir are the perfect support for wrapping pothos vines around.

This means you can have one pothos growing upright while another can drape over the side of the pot. These stakes are available from hardware stores or from Amazon below.

Repot after 12 months

After planting multiple pothos in the same pot it is likely that you will need to repot them sooner than if you plant a single plant. They will quickly fill a smaller pot and will start to compete for nutrients. Repotting every 12 months can keep pothos happy in the same pot.

You can even combine pothos plants with new cuttings. I have planted a pothos plant together with 2 cuttings to fill out the pot and to keep it looking fuller. This can be a great way to grow a dense plant.

Different types of pothos will love the same conditions so will be easy to care for. Regular water and slow release indoor plant food in spring are all the pothos need to be happy for most of the year.  Refresh the soil every 2-3 years even if you plant them back in the same pot. This will give them a new boost.

Can I put more than one pothos in a pot? | Summary

You can definitely grow more than one pothos in a pot. This is a great way to grow a dense plant, combine different leaf colors and to grow multiple cuttings in the same space. I have had success in combining multiple cuttings in the same pot as well as growing cuttings with established plants.

The key is to use a good quality potting soil and make sure you remember the slow release indoor plant food to give the plants enough nutrients to avoid competition.

Happy growing.