How Big do Monstera Plants Get? | 5 Ways to Grow Them Bigger

Monstera plants can grow to over 20 feet wide and 10 feet high without support. Monstera plants growing indoors will be limited by their pot size. Monstera plants that are gradually moved up into larger pots with good drainage and in a bright position.

This article will explore how big monstera plants get both indoors and outdoors, how quickly they grow and tips on growing them bigger.

How big indoor monstera plants get

Indoor monstera plants can get to over 10 feet tall if they have the pot size and a grow pole to support such a large plant.

Monstera plants love indoor conditions if they are warm, bright and have enough room in their pot to grow.

Growing monstera plants up a moss pole is a great way to get vertical height without taking up too much space.

How big outdoor monstera plants get

Outdoor monstera plants can grow to over 30 feet wide and the same height if they are given something to grow up. They can grip and grow up established trees or screens and form a great green wall.

Take care where you plant your monstera as they can become heavy as the vine grows. They can crush smaller trees or fences if they are allowed to grow too large.

Monstera are vines and grow long strong stems. Once established their stems can be as thick as 3 inches supporting large leaves that are over 18 inches wide.

How quickly does a Monstera grow?

Monstera plants can grow up to 4-5 new leaves in a month and extend 3-4 inches in vine length over this time. This will happen in ideal conditions for outdoor monstera plants.

The large monstera growing outdoors has 5 new leaves appearing even in winter. They love warm, tropical conditions and can continue to add new growth throughout the year.

The vine will extend slower than the leaf growth. Each time a new leaf appears from the end of the vine, the vine will extend in length. This could be anywhere from 1-4 inches depending on the size of the plant.

Do Monsteras like bigger pots?

Monstera will tolerate smaller pots and limited soil space. To get them to grow as large as possible they will need their pot to be gradually increased in size to give their roots more space.

Indoor potted monstera plants should be moved into bigger pots gradually over a period of time. Increase the pot size by 1 inch deep and wide every 2 years to allow their roots to grow.

Once you see roots coming out the base of the pot it is time to move the plant to a bigger pot.

Use good quality all-purpose potting soil that drains well. Increasing the pot size and soil amount a small amount will avoid excess soil sitting around the roots causing rot.

Outdoor monstera plants can grow to a large size if they have adequate pot size. They too will need their pot gradually increased in size. Make sure the pot has at least 3 drainage holes at the base.

Do Monstera leaves get bigger with age?

Monstera leaves will get bigger with age growing up to 18 inches across in the right conditions. As the vine grows thicker and stronger they will be able to support larger leaves.

Plants will also grow larger and deeper roots which can absorb the water and nutrients she plant needs to grow larger rots.

The leaves will also develop more holes and a fantastic Swiss cheese look as they get bigger.

How to make Monstera grow bigger

Here are a few tips to get your monster to grow bigger faster.

1. Give monstera well-draining soil

Planting outdoor monstera in soil that drains well will help the roots to reach out further and deeper. This will allow the plant to get the nutrients and water it needs to support large leaf and stem growth.

2. Place monstera in filtered light

Monstera like filtered sunlight but protection from direct sun. Filtered light is enough to encourage rapid photosynthesis to create the carbohydrates the plants need to extend their stems and leaves.

Their large leaves can capture the right amount of light from a shaded position. These tropical plants have adapted to grow in rainforest areas where they will usually be shaded by nearby trees.

Note: if their leaves are exposed to direct sun, it is likely that they will be burnt.

3. Give monstera minimal fertilizer

Give monstera plants an all-purpose fertilizer like pelleted chicken manure for outdoors plants that contains nitrogen. Sprinkle a handful of pelleted chicken manure around the root zone in spring. Water it in well.

Indoor monstera plants will thrive with an application of indoor plant food in spring. They only need feeding one per year in most conditions.

Monstera needs small amounts of balanced fertilizer. Over fertilizing can burn their leaves and slow their growth.

4. Give them regular water

Water indoor monstera plants every week deeply in summer, every 2 weeks in spring and fall and every month in winter.

Allow the plant to drain well and avoid letting the roots sit in water at the bottom of the pot.

Monstera plants are tropical and are used to deep water with periods of dry weather. Tropical plants that grow underneath large trees like monstera are often getting inconsistent water.

Their large roots are able to absorb water efficiently when it is available and their large stems will store this for later.

5. Give monstera warmth and humidity

Monstera are tropical plants so love consistent warmth and humidity. You can recreate this indoors by placing them in a position around 3 feet from a window.

Surrounding monstera with other indoor plants will help to create a microclimate that will capture humidity around the plant.

You can use a humidifier indoors over summer or winter if you live in a dry climate.

Outdoor monstera plants grow well in combination with other tropical plants that let in filtered light. Grow them together with palms for a great tropical look.

How Big do Monstera Plants Get? | Summary

Monstera plants can grow to over 20 feet wide in the ideal conditions. They need regular water, filtered light and warm humid summers to grow as fast as possible.

Fertilize them once per year with a general, all purpose fertilizer that contains nitrogen.

Happy growing.