Monstera indoor plant care | Easy tips for fast growth + 3 Steps for repotting

Monstera are easy care indoor plants that like to be watered every 3-4 weeks, get 6 hours of bright sunlight and be fed in spring and fall with slow release fertilizer. Monstera are easy to grow indoors and will grow best if they are given good quality potting soil and repotted every 2 years.

This article will explore all you need to know to care for your monstera plant indoors. Here are my top tips for healthy monstera plants.

Where to place monstera plants indoors

Place monstera 2 feet from a window that gets morning light and at least 6 hours of bright light. Monstera love bright light positions and will point its large leaves towards the light. Move the pot around every 4-6 weeks to keep the plant balanced if it is facing towards a window.

Place the monstera on a book shelf, book case or on raised pot stand to lift it up and give it more light. UV grow lights can help to support photosynthesis in a dark corner and increase monstera growth rates.

How to water monstera indoors for fast growth

Water monstera every 3-4 weeks deeply. Take the pot over to a sink or outside and thoroughly wet the soil to make sure the whole root system is damp. Leave the plant to drain out for 10 minutes in the sink or outside to avoid root rot.

Monstera prefer to dry out between watering so only add water once you feel the soil is dry 2 inches below the surface.

How to fertilize indoor monstera plants

Monstera need slow release indoor plant food in spring to encourage new growth. Give them another dose in fall before the weather turns cold. You can give them liquid fertilizer in spring and fall mixed with some seaweed solution instead every 4 weeks. This will be absorbed rapidly.

How to repot indoor monstera plants

Maintain your indoor monstera plant by repotting it every 2 years to give it room to grow larger. Monstera won’t mind being in a tight pot but for the best growth, increase the pot size by 1-2 inches every 2 years to refresh the soil and give the plant more room for its root system.

Here are my top 3 tips to easily repot your indoor monstera plant at home.

1. Use premium potting soil

Choose a premium potting soil or one that is designed for indoor plants. This will contain slow release fertilizer and good quality organic matter which will feed the plant for 3 months. The plant will be happy in this well-draining soil and can expand its roots to grow rapidly.

2. Choose a pot that is once size larger

Choose a pot that is 1-2 inches wider and deeper than the pot that it is in. This will add some extra soil for the plant to grow but will not add so much soil that the roots rot or stay cold. It is important to only increase the pot size a small amount each time.

Place some potting soil in the bottom of the new, clean pot. Gently remove the plant from its original pot and transfer it to the new one. I like to plant monstera into a normal black outdoor pot and place it inside an indoor pot without drainage holes.

Using this method I can move the pot into a new outer pot when I want to change the look in my home.

3. Use an outer pot or pot tray to catch the drips

It is important to always catch the drips from the base of your pot in a pot tray or outer pot. Both methods work well but remember to avoid leaving the base if the plant sitting in water. This can rot the roots and cause damage to the plant.

Always water the plant well after repotting and place it on a pot tray after it has drained for 10 minutes.

How to care for a Monstera plant indoors

There are 3 main things to know to care for monstera plants indoors. Good quality soil, regular watering and a bright position will give you the best results possible.

When potting your monstera plant use premium potting soil and choose a pot that is only 1-2 inches larger than the pot it is in. Water your monstera every 3-4 weeks once it has been repotted and place it near a bright window that gets morning light.

Avoid placing your monstera too close to a glass window to avoid sun damage and keep out of direct, afternoon sun.

How much light for indoor Monstera

Monstera plants need 6 hours of bright light to grow well. This light does not need to be direct but can come from a nearby window. Morning light is best as it will not damage the plant. Avoid placing monstera in a position that gets afternoon sun as the leaves can easily burn.

How often to water an indoor Monstera

Water your monstera plant every 3-4 weeks. During summer this could increase to every 2 weeks if the air is dry. Test the soil with your finger first to see if it is dry 2 inches below the surface. Water the plant deeply over a sink or outdoors and allow it to drain for 10 minutes before putting it back inside the indoor pot.

Monstera can usually last for 4 weeks in winter without water if they are well established and in a pot that is at least 5 inches wide. Check your monstera every 2 weeks to see if it needs more water. If you notice the leaves are drooping water it deeply if the soil is dry.

How to know if your indoor Monstera is happy

Happy monstera will grow new leaves in spring, will grow aerial roots and strong stems. The leaves should start bright green and then turn darker over time. As the leaves get larger, they will start to form the traditional Swiss cheese pattern. Holes will start to appear once the plant has established.

Should I mist my indoor Monstera?

I have never misted my monstera and it is growing strong. I live in a subtropical area with humid summers and the plant loves it. If you live in a dry area, mist the leaves in the morning to allow time for them to dry out throughout the day. This can be done in spring and summer.

Do indoor monstera like small pots?

Monstera will actually survive well in smaller pots than you would expect for the size of the plant. I like to leave monstera in their original pot for at least 6 months after I buy it before moving it. I wait until I can see roots escaping from the bottom of the pot and the pot feels firm.

After this I will transplant the monstera out into a new pot to give it more room. It is not essential to keep increasing the pot size of the monstera if you want to keep it smaller. Simply take it out of the pot, trim the roots and old leaves and refresh the soil.

Monstera indoor plant care | Summary

Monstera will grow indoors in a bright position near a window. The leaves will gradually point towards the light and they will thrive if they are given water every 3-4 weeks. Take cuttings from established monstera plants by cutting stem pieces that have aerial roots. Put them in a jar of water and within 4 weeks you can plant them out in soil.

Monstera are a modern, bright indoor plant perfect for your home.

Happy growing.