How Long Monstera Can Live in Water | 8 Weeks

Monstera cuttings can live in water for 8 weeks at temperatures of 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius). After this time transplant the cutting to potting soil so that it can establish roots and absorb nutrients. Monstera node cuttings will stay green in water and will grow thin white roots that will absorb the water.

Good quality monstera cuttings will take around 4-6 weeks to be ready to be planted into soil. Transplant the node cuttings into good quality potting mix and water them regularly for the first 2 weeks.

This article will explore how long monstera cuttings can live in water before it is time to plant them out, how to get them to root sooner and how to keep them alive for longer.

How it takes for monstera cuttings to root in water

Monstera node cuttings that are healthy and growing in temperature above 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) will root in water within 4 weeks. Monstera cuttings will grow small white roots in water which will allow the cutting to absorb the water and keep growing.

Monstera cuttings are usually ready to plant out after growing roots for 4-6 weeks in water. They can however last for up to 8 weeks in water that is refreshed often. After 6 weeks you can add a small dash of liquid fertilizer to the water to help to feed the cutting and keep it in water for longer.

If the monstera cutting is kept in water for too long you may notice the leaves start to turn yellow and wilt. This is definitely the time to transplant them into fresh potting soil. Make sure you keep them moist after they have been replanted for the first 1-2 weeks to help them to transition.

This is a healthy monstera node with a small aerial root growing from the right. Cut 1 inch below this node for the perfect monstera cutting to grow in water.

After this time the monstera cutting will be ready to grow on their own with watering around once per week.

How to get monstera cuttings to grow quicker in water

If you have taken a monstera cutting, there are some tips to get it to grow faster in water. Taking cuttings in spring is ideal because the weather will be warm and the daylight hours will be increasing. The cutting will grow roots quicker and will be ready to plant out sooner.

1. Temperature

Air temperatures are important for fast monstera cutting growth. You want the cutting to grow roots as fast as possible because this will mean that there is less chance that the stems will rot in the water before the plant grows.

Spring temperatures are ideal for growing monstera cuttings in water. Temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius are ideal for growing monstera cuttings as fast as possible. Placing the cuttings in a small indoor greenhouse will help to capture humidity or even place a small plastic bag over the top to help.

2. Light

Light is important to encourage monstera cuttings to grow roots. Place monstera cuttings in a clear jar and near a window that gets morning bright light. Avoid direct sun as this can burn the leaves of the monstera.

Monstera node cuttings are ideal if they have at least 1 leaf and 1 aerial root. The aerial root will grow rapidly in water before smaller, white roots grow from the base. Once the base of the cut has developed roots around 2 inches long, the monstera will be ready to plant out into soil.

This usually takes 4-6 weeks if the cutting is getting at least 6 hours of sunlight.

3. Water quality

Good water quality is important for monstera cuttings to grow roots as fast as possible. Make sure you replace the water at least every week to keep it clean and prevent algae from growing. This will keep the cutting healthy over the 4-6 week period it will need to grow and root in the water.

4. Cutting quality

The quality of the monstera cutting will also influence how long it will take to grow roots in water. A large, healthy node with at least 1 leaf and an aerial root will enable a cutting to grow fast in water. The aerial root will grow longer fast in water and then smaller roots will establish from the cut.

When taking a monstera cutting make sure that you use sharp, clean secateurs and cut around 1 inch below the node. This will make the cut clean and avoid crushing the stem. This will allow the stem to absorb water well.

How long monstera cuttings can be kept in water

Monstera cuttings can survive for 8 weeks or more in water before they will need to be planted out. After this time the cutting will usually need additional nutrients from soil that it can’t get from water. You can add a dash of liquid fertilizer to the water but eventually you will still need to plant the cutting out into soil.

Choose a good quality potting soil and transplant it into a pot that is around 4×4 inches wide and deep. This will give the plant enough room to establish new roots without keeping the soil too wet. Monstera cuttings will need regular water in the first weeks after planting out in soil to keep them happy.

Can monstera survive long term just water?

Monstera cuttings cannot survive long term in water and will eventually need to be planted into soil. The growth of roots and leaves will slow down and the size of the plant will be limited if it is kept only in water.

In warmer weather, where temperatures are above 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) monstera plants will grow roots rapidly and will be ready to be transplanted in 4-6 weeks to soil.

How Long Monstera Can Live in Water | Summary

Monstera can live in water for up to 8 weeks if the water is changed regularly, the plant has bright light and warm temperatures of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally monstera cuttings will be transplanted after 4-6 weeks once roots have grow to around 2 inches and are covering the base of the cutting.

Plant monstera cuttings into good quality potting soil and water them well. You will have a new plant ready to display in your home or give away to friends.

Happy growing.