How to select the best pot for a ZZ plant | 5 Easy Tips

The best way to pot your ZZ plant indoors is to plant it into a cheap outdoor plastic pot with drainage holes. You can use an old pot from another plant that has been disinfected. Place this pot with drainage holes inside an outer indoor pot without drainage holes. This will make it easy to take the inner pot out to water the plant.

The outer pot will catch any water drips and can be changed over if you want to change your look or if the plant outgrows its inner pot. 

This article will explore my top 5 tips on how to select the best pot for ZZ plants and my favorite pot types for any indoor plant.

5 Tips to select the best pot for your ZZ plant

Here are my top 5 tips to select the best pot for your ZZ plant for indoors.

1. Drainage holes

The top consideration for choosing a ZZ plant pot is drainage. ZZ plants are easily overwatered so it is important that the pot has at least 5 drainage holes. I like to use a plastic pot that I save from other plants that I have bought from nurseries.

Always wash and disinfect old plastic pots so that no diseases or pests are carried over to the ZZ plant. These pots are perfect because they come in a range of sizes which can be matched perfectly to your ZZ plant.

2. Size of the pot

Choose a pot size that is smaller than you would normally choose for another plant. Avoid planting ZZ plants in excessive soil otherwise it can stay wet for too long and damage the roots and rhizome. For a single ZZ plant rhizome you can plant it in a pot that is around 5 inches across.

For ZZ plants that are larger and multiple stems I have chosen a pot that is around 7 inches across. If you are transplanting an entire ZZ plant make sure you only increase the pot size by 1 inch wider and deeper so that you don’t add too much soil.

Choosing 3 small pots for my ZZ plants. They still need to be washed before I use them.

3. Indoor or outdoor pots

For indoor ZZ plants I like to use a combination if indoor and outdoor pots. I will plant my ZZ plant into a basic outdoor plastic pot with drainage holes. This makes the plant light, easy to move and means I can change the outer pot easily.

I will always place my inner outdoor pot inside an outer pot without drainage holes. These come in bright colors, great textured finishes and are easy to change over. You can use them over again and shift the plant easily out of the pot into a new one for a new look.

4. Pot trays

Another option when you are planting a ZZ plant is to use a pot with drainage holes and pairing it with a pot tray. You can then keep the plant indoors and the pot tray will catch the drips. It is still important to water the plant in a sink or outdoors and allow it to drain fully before putting it back on the tray.

5. Outer pots

The final way to finish your ZZ plant is to place it inside a nice looking outer pot. These can be ceramic or made from recycled plastic. They come in a range of colors and will not have drainage holes. These pots fit over your inner pot and work to catch any drips or soil.

The best pot type for ZZ plants

Here are a few pot types to consider for your ZZ plant including some of my favorites.

Plastic inner pots

The first pot you will choose for your ZZ plants is a simple inner plastic pot. Use an old pot from another plant purchase and wash it thoroughly in warm, soapy water. If you choose to place this inside an outer pot you won’t see it anyway. Just make sure it is small enough to fit.

This inner pot only just fits inside this pink pot. You can cut down the pot to fit it in better or choose a larger outer pot if you don’t like seeing the top of the plastic pot.

Ceramic outer pots

The best pots for a great looking indoor ZZ plant is a ceramic outer pot. These can have a matte or shiny finish, can be textured or have a rough concrete look. They come in a range of colors from bright primary colors to soft pastels.

You can change your ZZ plant in and out of an outer pot when you want to change your style and when you upgrade your ZZ plant to a larger pot.

Eco plastic pots

Another great option is from the range of eco plastic pots now available. One of my ZZ plants is in an eco plastic pot that is made from recycled plastic. They are super hard, light and they keep their color for a long time. I have had my ZZ plant growing in an eco-plastic pot for 5 or more years and it still looks great.

This ZZ plant is growing in a gray eco plastic pot with a pot tray.

Recently I had separated my larger ZZ plant into 3 pots to give it more space. For more on this, check out my previous article here: How to divide a ZZ plant | Easy 8 Step Guide

Choosing the best soil for your ZZ plant pot

Choose a good quality, all-purpose potting soil when repotting your ZZ plant. You can choose an organic soil if you like but always go for a premium mix with some slow release fertilizer. Choose an indoor plant mix if you can and make sure it has a slow release fertilizer.

These mixes will drain well and feed your plant for 3-6 months.

What to do if your ZZ plant can outgrow its pot

When your ZZ plant outgrows it pot you can move it to a larger pot or split it into multiple plants. If you want to transplant the whole ZZ plant, choose a pot that is 1-2 inches wider and deeper. This will add just enough soil to give the roots more room to grow but not so much that it stays too wet and damages the rhizome.

Another option is to divide the plant and plant each piece into a smaller pot. I have recently repotted my ZZ plant with at least 8 stems into 3 pots to give each rhizome more room. Choose 3 smaller pots and plant 2-3 rhizomes in each.

How to select the best pot for a ZZ plant | Summary

Choose a strong inner plastic pot with at least 5 drainage holes for your ZZ plant. Use the best quality potting soil you can afford and sit the inner pot inside an indoor pot without drainage holes. Always take the inner pot out and water the plant well over a sink or outside so it can drain.

Once all of the water has drained through return it to the outer pot and position it in a shady spot indoors. ZZ plants only need water every 4 weeks to avoid overwatering and rotting the rhizome.

Plant pots can brighten up a space or fade into the background. I like white pots to feature the plant but pastels are also a great choice for a modern space.

Happy  growing.