Pothos leaves get bigger after unfurling | 30% Increase

Pothos leaves will get bigger after they unfurl increasing in size up to 30%. They start off tightly wrapped and over around 1 week they will unfurl and stretch out larger. The color of the leaf will change from a light green to darker and can develop variegation. The young leaf will start out soft and will get larger and stronger as it grows.

Pothos leaves will often grow larger as the plant grows bigger and gets older. The newer leaves of pothos may look small as they develop but around 1 week after unfurling they will grow to full size. New pothos leaves will grow from the ends of the stems as the vine grows longer.

An unfurled pothos leaf will keep growing after it opens.

How to grow pothos leaves larger

There are some ways you can encourage your pothos to grow larger leaves. Here are my 5 easy tips grow the largest pothos leaves possible.

1. Sunlight

Sunlight is key for large leaves on pothos plants. A large leaf will have plenty of surface area to photosynthesize and create its own food. This will help the plant to grow large and will result in new leaves growing even bigger.

You can remove small leaves from the base of the plant as it grows. The plant will naturally replace old leaves with new ones as it grows.

2. Regular water

Regular water is the key signal the plant needs to grow new, large leaves. A plant that lacks water will still survive but will slow its growth and produce smaller leaves. For maximum leaf size, water the plant every 2-3 weeks thoroughly. You can also water a small amount once per week.

The key is to develop a schedule of checking you plant soil water until you work out the right amount for your climate. This can range from once per week in summer to once every 3-4 weeks in winter.

3. Fertilizer

Fertilizer is key to a healthy pothos plant with large leaves. Fertilizing these hardy plants is easy. Simply add some slow release fertilizer every 6 months to feed the plant. Do this in early spring and again at the beginning of fall. Choose a top quality indoor plant fertilizer to feed your plant throughout the year.

The nutrients will slowly be released to feed the plant in a balanced way. You can choose organic or synthetic, just make sure it is made for indoor plants otherwise it could cause smells in your house.

4. Good quality soil

Planting pothos in good quality soil will help it to grow large healthy leaves. It is important to repot your plant every 2-3 years to freshen up the soil. Over time the organic matter in the potting soil will break down reducing the amount of water the soil will hold.

Choose a good quality all-purpose potting soil to grow your pothos. It will be high in organic matter so it drains well and should contain a slow release fertilizer.

5. Humdity

Increasing humidity levels for your pothos will help it to grow large leaves. This tropical vine loves humid weather but you can recreate this at home if you live in a dry climate. A simple, small humidifier for plants is the perfect solution.

Pothos will grow rapidly during a warm, humid summer. They will slow their growth over the cooler months but will catch up quickly once the temperature increases. Protect them from direct sun so that the leaves don’t burn. Place them at least 3 feet from a window to avoid radiant heat from the glass.

Misting pothos in the morning can help to increase humidity.

Do pothos leaves get bigger over time?

Pothos leaves will gradually increase in size after the pothos leaf unfurls. It starts off in a tight curl then gradually will open up, increasing in size. It will take around 1 week for the leaf spike to grow and open up and the leaf can continue to grow in size over the next week.

I have noticed that my pothos plant is growing larger leaves as it gets older. After I repotted my plant 3 months ago it has grown rapidly with large, healthy leaves. I have also moved my pothos to a brighter position so it has become more variegated. This is the key to bright golden leaves on golden pothos.

For more on making your pothos more golden, check out my previous article here: 7 Steps to make your golden pothos more golden

What causes small leaves on pothos plants

Small leaves on pothos plants can be caused by dry soil or underwatering, overwatering, a lack of light or nutrients.

1. Dry soil

Underwatering your pothos plant can cause the plant to slow its growth, keeping the leaves small and they may dry and turn brown. If the soil feels dry and the leaves are turning brown on the edges and tips then underwatering is the problem.

To solve this, deep soak your plant in a bucket of water with added seaweed solution. Leave the pot submerged just below the top of the pot edge for a few minutes. This will thoroughly water the plant and the seaweed will help to repair the roots.

2. Overwatering

Too much water can cause pothos leaves to grow small in size and curl. Drooping, curling leaves paired with wet, soggy soil is a sure sign of overwatering. If you notice that water is sitting in the bottom of the pot tray or outer pot, it is important to tip this out.

Water sitting in the base of the pot can cause the roots to develop fungus and rot and the plant will not be able to absorb the nutrients it needs.

Slow down your watering so the plant can dry out slightly between watering and always tip any excess water out the pot tray. If the soil is moldy or smells, it can be a great idea to repot your plant into fresh potting soil.

Drooping leaves can be caused by overwatering of pothos.

3. Lack of light

A lack of light can cause pothos to grow small leaves. While pothos can survive in low light conditions, they tend to grow smaller leaves and will have less variegation. Move the plant to a bright position at least 3 feet away from a window. Avoid direct sun but give them more light for extra large leaves.

4. A lack of nutrients

Plants that are not getting enough nutrients will grow smaller leaves. It is easy to feed your pothos with slow release fertilizer twice per year. Use a good quality, all purpose indoor plant food that lasts for at least 6 months. Give it fertilizer in spring and fall and your plant will be happy.

Pothos leaves get bigger after unfurling | Summary

Pothos leaves will grow bigger after unfurling and can increase in size by up to 30%. A small leaf will gradually open up and continue to grow if they are given the right conditions including light, food and water. Pothos are an easy grow plant and will reward you with large, healthy leaves with just a tiny bit of care.

Happy growing.