Why is My Pothos Growing so Slow? | 5 Ways to Grow Pothos Faster

Pothos are tropical vines that can grow fast and make your indoor space look green and inviting. This vine can sometimes slow their growth to a halt which can be frustrating.

Pothos will grow slow if the temperature drops, if they are not getting enough sunlight, if they are getting irregular water or if they are not getting enough fertilizer.

This article will explore the top reasons why pothos vines grow slow and 5 easy ways to get them to grow faster.

Top reasons why pothos grow so slow

Here are the top reasons why pothos will grow so slow. These are common and of us have experienced these at some stage of out pothos growing. Check the list to see if any of these causes are affecting your plant.

Cold weather

Cold temperatures are the top cause of pothos growing slow. Once the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit the pothos vines will slow their growth almost to a stop.

Pothos vines love warm, humid weather so will add new leaf growth over spring and summer. These vines can add 3-4 inches of growth in a week when the weather is warm.

This new pothos leaf is growing in winter because we keep the house warm.

I have found that having the heater on inside will help my pothos to continue to grow even over winter. Each of my vines have new leaves and it is right in the middle of our coldest months.

Lack of sunlight

Pothos plants will slow down their growth significantly when they are lacking sunlight. These vines will thrive in at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight which will encourage fast growth. If the pothos vine gets less than 6 hours of sunlight it will slow its growth and the leaf color will darken.

More light will also mean more variegation. If you have a golden or white pothos then they will be come more variegated or add more white or golden color to the vine. As the vine gets more light it will reduce the green parts of the leaf that contain chlorophyll.

Variegation increases as my pothos vines are moved closer to the window.

Irregular water

Pothos vines like regular water and any extended dry periods will slow its growth. While vines are drought hardy, they will need watering at least once per week indoors during the warmer weather.

You will usually notice the pant leaves drooping as the first sign that they need more water. After this the leaves will turn yellow and then brown.

Deep water the pothos plant if it has dried out. I like to take the whole pot outdoors and water it thoroughly with my hose. Water it until water runs out the bottom and the soil looks thoroughly soaked. Add seaweed solution to a watering can and water it onto your pothos.

This will help the roots to recover faster. You should see the leaves stand up within a day. Make sure the pot drains thoroughly before bringing it back indoors and placing it on your pot tray. Avoid letting the roots sit in water otherwise they can rot.

Even in cold weather, if you are running heating indoors their soil can dry out rapidly. This year during winter I find that I need to water my pothos every week consistently because we have out heating running.

No fertilizer in spring

Pothos will be ready to add fast growth in spring but if they don’t get the nutrients they need they will slow their growth. Fast growing vines will need nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus as well as minerals to grow as fast as possible.

Indoor pothos grown in pts will be completely reliant on you to give them the nutrients they need. By spring they will be reaching for extra nutrients especially nitrogen to add longer stems and loads of leaves.

If they are not given a complete fertilizer in spring they will grow slow. Add a good quality indoor plant food which will last anywhere from 3-6 months. You can give them another feed in fall to keep them growing fast.

5 Ways to grow pothos faster

Pothos vines will burst out the ground and add loads of leaf growth using these methods. Check out my list of hot tips to grow your pothos vine faster.

1. Take healthy cuttings

If you are growing pothos from cuttings it is essential to choose the best. Choose a nice, thick healthy vine that is actively growing. Taking cuttings in spring will be the best way to get your pothos vine growing fast.

Make sure you have at least 1 healthy node and remove the lower leaves. Place the cutting in a jar of water near a bright window and refresh the water every 2 weeks.

You can grow a new pothos plant fast and transfer it to soil within 4 weeks using this easy method.

This pothos cutting is growing loads of new roots from 2 healthy nodes.

2. Place them in a bright, filtered light position

Light is essential for fast pothos vine growth. For indoor pothos place them in a position around 3 feet from a window that gets filtered light throughout the day. Avoid afternoon sun and direct sunlight which can burn the leaves.

My pothos vines are thriving with around 6 hours of filtered light per day. The golden pothos variegation is increasing and the leaves tend to point towards to light.

My pothos plants sit on a shelf near my back window.

3. Water every week in summer

Water is essential to make sure you pothos vine grows as fast as possible. Indoor pothos plants can dry out rapidly in the summer as the soil warms up. Test the soil with your finger or a popsicle stick. Place it in the soil 2 inches deep and if it comes out clean then the plant needs more water.

Pothos may need water up to twice per week when the weather warms up. I am watering my pothos once per week in winter this year as we are running heating which is drying out the soil fast.

4. Use premium potting soil

Premium potting soil will give you the fastest growth possible for your pothos. These good quality potting soils will contain slow release fertilizer and good quality organic matter that will help with drainage. Repot pothos plants that have bene growing in the same pot for more than 3 years.

Potting soil will lose its ability to hold water as the organic matter breaks down over time.

5. Use slow release fertilizer

Fertilizing pothos regularly is key for the fastest growth possible. For indoor pothos plants choose a premium slow release indoor plant food that releases over 6 months. You can apply this in spring and fall and your vines will be happy.

Why is My Pothos Growing so Slow? | Summary

Slow growth on pothos can be caused by a lack of water, sunlight or poor soil. Plants need essential nutrients like nitrogen to keep growing rapidly. Pothos vines will reward you with loads of beautiful leaves if you give them what they need. I like to repot my pothos every 2 years to make sure they have loads of organic matter and nutrients in their soil for fast growth.

Happy growing