How Do Spiders Get in the Bathtub? | 5 Ways to Get Them Out

Entering your bathroom to take a bath or shower and seeing a spider in the tub is a frightening experience that almost everyone has had. Since it’s best not to kill spiders unless you have to, you might wonder how the spider got there in the first place.

Most spiders get into a bathtub through flooring or roof panels, an air vent, or a small gap in your home. They can fall in the bathtub as they crawl around. The spiders can’t get out because of the small hairs on their legs that they use to grip to their web. This stops them from crawling up the side of the bath.

This article will explore how spiders get in your bath, and 5 ways to get them out.

How Spiders Get in the Bath

In every drain pipe, there is a U-bend or “trap” pipe found underneath the tub, and many people assume that spiders get into the bathroom through there. This is not the ways spiders get into the bath because they will struggle to climb up that pipe.

While it is possible for them to come into your bathtub through the pipe, it is extremely rare for this to happen. This is why spiders generally look for other ways to get into your bathroom.

Another surprising fact is that most spiders found in your bathroom don’t just crawl there; instead, they are born there. In any given home at any given time, tons of eggs have been laid in your bathroom already, just waiting to hatch.

The bathroom is a damp place in an otherwise dry house, so spiders will be attracted to this room in your home during drier times of the year, such as fall and winter.

Spiders can easily get through tiny gaps in your home because most bathroom spiders are very small—usually about 1/4 inch.

If you have cracks or tiny holes around your windows, floors, and doorways, spiders find it easy to get through them.

Some spiders come into your home via a gas line or plumbing line. In most cases, spiders are in your bathtub because they were searching for something to drink, and they accidentally fell in.

Once this happens, it’s nearly impossible for the spider to get out of the tub because it has rounded edges and is rather slippery. So they end up staying there until someone comes along to get them out.

Why Spiders Get in the Bath

Spiders usually go into your bathroom or bath because they are thirsty. This is why you see them more often when it’s dry outside than during the wetter months. They are being lured toward the moisture, and the bathroom is the perfect spot for that.

They are relentless when trying to get to moisture when they’re thirsty, but once they fall into the bathtub, it’s nearly impossible for them to get out. They can’t even weave a web to get out that way, so they have to just stay there until “help” arrives!

Five Ways to Get Spiders Out of Your Bath

Remember that spiders prefer environments that are quiet and undisturbed. This means that the cleaner your bathroom is and the neater it is, the less likely you’ll see spiders there. You can also utilize the following tips:

1. Set a Trap So You Can Free It

One of the best types of spider traps is the flat sheets with glue on them and no raised edges. The spiders will get trapped on that sheet, and you can then remove them and set them free somewhere outdoors.

2. Leave a Cloth Hanging

If you’re going to be at home for a while, you can leave a cloth hanging from the side of your tub all the way down to the floor of the tub. The spider will eventually crawl up the towel, and you can then remove it. Or, you can leave a window open nearby so it will crawl out on its own.

3. Always Clear Out Any Spider Webs

In addition to keeping your home neat and clean, make sure all of the spider webs you find are eliminated. These webs make it easier and more appealing for spiders to get into your home and eventually into your bathroom.

4. Never Keep Food Waste in Your Home

A house with food waste is a messy house, and the messier your house is, the more spiders will be attracted to it.

5. Shut Doors and Windows at Night

The more “closed up” your home is, the more difficult it will be for spiders to get inside. Shutting all of your windows and doors at night helps do just that.

How to Stop Spiders from Getting in Your Bath

There are efficient and simple ways to stop spiders from getting into your bathtub, and they include:

1.      Spray Essential Oils

There are scents spiders hate, so if you use certain essential oils in a water bottle and spray around openings, spiders will stay away. For great results, try lemon, citrus, cinnamon, and peppermint.

2. Use Horse Chestnuts

Also known as conkers, horse chestnuts have compounds on the inside that spiders hate. Place them around the perimeter of the bathroom, and spiders will do what they can to get away.


Spiders generally get into the bathroom and fall into your bathtub. Because the slides are slippery and they have small hairs on their legs they can’t get out. They go into your bathroom because they need moisture and they’re thirsty. There are things you can do to get them out of your tub and keep them away, and most of these things are simple and cheap.